tis the season

We got him to sit long enough last year to get this.

i am a little concerned about this holiday season.  it seems that we are decorating and promoting christmas before we even cook a turkey.  on the way to work today we saw our little town of mint hill with the christmas wreaths hung on the lamp-post, the tree was being decorated with lights on the outside of the town hall, i have seen houses with lights all over the exterior, i have heard rumblings of people decorating the inside of their houses already, stores are playing christmas music while you shop for christmas accessories (that have been out since september).  i wish that we could slow down a little bit and enjoy thanksgiving (my favorite part is the dressing and green bean casserole).  however seeing the wreaths this morning made my heart smile just a little bit more.

i love holidays and if i had to label one as my favorite it would be christmas.  i think i love christmas the most because it was and is one of the few times i get to see family during the year.  we don’t do family reunions we do christmas.  in my memory it has always been a collective effort (even more so today).  i love the decorations and the history and stories (biblical and secular).  i love the food and i love trying to find everyone the perfect gift for the holiday.  with the perfect gift comes shopping.  we went to the mall last night and there was barely a soul there.  it was wonderful.  i like shopping and walking around and finding the best deals, but i can’t stand shopping when you can’t move in stores and everyone is bumping in to you.  i will say that next year we might do all of our christmas shopping 2 monday’s before thanksgiving.  as for this year we will put our hesitation about bumping into people at the mall and will join a ton of other crazy people on “black friday”  the past few years me and andy have gotten up early and ventured out.  we have found some great deals.  andy some sperry boat shoes for $6.00, a printer/scanner for around $20.00, coffee maker for $5.00, great dvds for $1-3.00, ins and outs for under $10.00. 

we haven’t started decorating yet (we usually do the day before thanksgiving or thanksgiving night).  we are waiting to see what happens with our weekend trip to little rock before we make house decisions for this holiday season.  even if we don’t go all out like we normally do i will dig through our christmas totes and get out a few things to remind us of the season and the hope and future that it brings. 

Just incase here is our tree from last year (and otis rolling around looking at gifts)

 happy shopping and getting ready for the season even if it is before turkey day!

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