treat for santa

this year we have decided that we aren’t going to just put out milk and cookies for santa’s visit up on our roof.  we are going to change it up and make things a little more interesting…

1. we are going to leave egg nog instead of milk.  (we got a letter that he prefers it – in this house at least).

2. we are going to leave some homemade chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough truffles.

3. since santa’s safety is so important to us we are going to replace our roof. 

a lot of people in our neighborhood have gotten new roofs over the summer and early fall.  people have been walking our neighborhood trying to get our business and we have said no thank you and closed our door.  well we have heard of more people getting roofs and we watched the neighbors across the street sign contracts, so we decided in the event that we do put the house on the market a new roof would be an added bonus (and everyone has been getting them done because of hail and wind damage).  so we consulted some people in the neighborhood and went with meridian construction group.  we got word while we were in little rock that we have been approved for a new roof.  we are really excited that santa will have a safe place to land this christmas but a little sad that our roof had hail and wind damage.  when we drove up last night we had white marks on our roof from the adjuster. 

you’re welcome santa

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