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vacation part 1

a little over 5 years ago andy and i sat at mcalister’s deli and had to make a tough decision…we could cancel our booked honeymoon (cruise) and buy a house or we could go on a honeymoon and live in an apartment.  it crushed both of us.  we talked about going on a cruise for 6 years and had so much fun talking about going on a cruise for our honeymoon.  we had it booked…we were so close.

later that day andy called to cancel our honeymoon with the understanding i would still take off work and we would honeymoon at home unpacking my stuff and opening gifts and writing thank you cards.  the next morning we closed on our house.  it was bittersweet walking through the house that afternoon knowing it was ours – but knowing in a few months we would be there instead of on a boat in open seas.  life continued and we got over it to some extent.

all wasn’t lost: people we loved gave us a surprise wedding gift of 2 nights in charleston, sc.  it was amazing and we had a honeymoon after all – it wasn’t “our” honeymoon but it was the best vacation ever. 

we are approaching our 5 years to our “lost cruise” and we decided we would take our honeymoon now!  we started planning months ago and decided which cruise we would adventure on and started debating over flying or driving and all of that good stuff.  we knew we wanted to go in may (it would be a little less crazy than over the summer – and not as hot).  not only did the cruise act as our 5 year honeymoon but also as our birthday gift to each other.  i think i got the good end of the deal because we were actually on the boat for my birthday.  we booked it about 2 months before the actual cruise so that we could get a better deal.  as far as how we were going to get to miami we decided we would drive.  it would be cheaper than getting two plane tickets (and after packing it would be cheaper because of our luggage).  we had never been on a “roadtrip” (unless you consider 5 hours a road trip) so i was a little nervous but so excited!  we went on line and clicked a few clicks and we had a cruise booked.

andy wanted to surprise me but decided he needed to let me in on the secret we were going to seaworld too (since we were driving). 

we decided on the following itinerary:

may 5: leave charlotte for orlando

may 6: visit seaworld

may 7: leave orlando for miami and board boat

may 8: arrive in nassau via cruise

may 9: arrive in coco cay via cruise

may 10: arrive in key west via cruise

may 11: arrive in miami via cruise and start home

may 12: finish driving home or relax and do laundry if getting home the 11th

andy heard the 3rd that he got the job and we knew what we were packing and mom, kendra, and dad all pitched in to take care of otis while we were away so all we had to worry about was having fun.