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happy halloween!

greeneville does a really neat thing downtown.  all of the businesses and churches give out candy.  it is a way for the families that live out in the country to go place to place and get candy.  they do it from 4 to 6.  we saw some really cute kids dressed up.  we saw some really weird kids dressed up too.  anyways.  it was cold but we passed out candy and smile and talked to people.  andy took over 400 pictures so i won’t post any.

creepy man costume?

living in charlotte with a crazy dog we would turn out our lights and hide in the dark and not give out candy…trust me it was easiest for everyone involved.  anyways mom asked me if we were going to hand out candy and i laughed at her.  she was like no betsy told me that your neighbor is going to come by with her daughter.  i was like fine, so i bought some candy.  our light has been on for hours and nothing…not that i am really complaining but still…

since we are in greeneville we missed the cutest bumblebee ever.

cj the bumblebee

happy halloween little bee!

october birthdays…

in andy’s family it seems like everyone is born in october.

sandy (his dad) is the 19th

robin (his aunt) is the 19th

matt (cousin) is the 24th

erik (brother) is the 28th

joe (uncle) is the 31st

and my aunts birthday is the 18th.

there are several friends that have birthdays in october too (but i won’t list theirs).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all you october people!

weekend update

this past weekend we had our first visitors (that weren’t my mom or dad…but we don’t really consider them visitors).  katie and chris came to see us.  they weren’t able to come when we moved so this was the first time since we have been here that they have been here.  katie and i were talking and i think we decided that it had been 10 years since she had been to tn.we were so excited to spend some time with them.  but let’s be honest there isn’t a ton to do in greeneville but we made the best of it.  katie texted when they left charlotte and again that they were close and then again when they got lost.  it was funny to know that someone else out there is as bad at directions as i am.  anyways when they got here we hung out for a minute and then went and got dinner at gondolier and talked.  when we got home we sat on the porch (it was a little cold but not too bad) and played the logo game (it is awesome).  we stayed up late and went to bed.  the next morning we got up and cooked breakfast.  it was so yummy.  we got ready and went to the farm.

the river

since it hasn’t rained we ventured down to the river and listened to it for a minute.


we checked on the animals while we rode around….they all seemed fine – i guess.

the boys leading us

katie and i rode in the back on a bale of hay.  andy drove and chris sat up front with him.  i guess they did ok since they didn’t kill us.

it was this big…

i don’t know what he was telling them but when i turned around i laughed at the sight.

katie and chris

we were pretty bummed out because the clouds were covering the mountains.  i guess because hurricane sandy the clouds were extra thick.


after the farm we went to river plantation and saw the big houses.  we went to the greenhouse and saw aunt annie and grandmama.  katie, chris, and andy loved looking at the sunflowers that were dying.  chris picked up a sunflower seed and told katie that they were good and tasted like sunflowers.  she took on and a few minutes later was like yea they do taste like store-bought sunflowers.  he was like you ate it? and she was like wait you didn’t try one?  he laughed and was like nope.  it was really funny (but you might have had to be there).  we went home and took naps and watched football.  we went to stans (bbq place) for dinner.  i had their chili and it was yummy.  we played last word and went to bed a little earlier than the night before.  andy and i went to church sunday morning and katie and chris had to get back to charlotte.

it was a great visit and we were so glad they could come up.  hopefully next time they come we can explore a little more since it was so cold this visit and couldn’t do too much.

zoo thursday…

this past week on andy’s day off we went to the knoxville zoo.  i love this place!  it is a place that i went as a child some summers and last year was the first year that i took andy.  it was sort of like i remembered and still great.  last year when we went we had the place to ourselves.  we were able to walk around and take our time at the different exhibits without being crowded.  two things were wrong with that trip…one is that we took my dads camera and when we were getting out of the car i turned it on and was going to take a picture of andy in the parking lot and “battery exhausted” flashed on the screen…bummer…we did get some pics with andy’s phone.  the other thing is that when we were almost done it started to rain.  but other than that andy’s first trip to the knoxville zoo was wonderful.  so this year when the weather got cooler we decided it was time for our second trip to the zoo.  we got there and it was a little more crowded than last year, but we were still able to walk around and take our time at the different exhibits and look at all the animals.

i loved watching the zebras (at the greene co fair we got to pet one and it was so soft).  last year they were eating corn stalks for halloween, but this year they were munching on hay.  when we took this picture the other zebra came to where we were and wanted in a picture too!

baboon (not bamboo)

we went to visit these weird creatures.  it was funny.  one of them sat with his back to the wall of his enclosure and looked like he was ready to kill.  we called him the grumpy baboon.  another on walked around and got up on a stump and put his feet on the fence and just looked around.  we could have sat there for hours and watched them.


we got to the gorilla ridge and couldn’t really see the gorilla walking around outside (there was a group of handicapped people there and we couldn’t see around their wheelchairs) but we were able to see this gorilla inside.  he was so funny.  he sat by the door to go outside but couldn’t get out so he slapped the door really hard (it was so loud).  then he put his back to us and started to knock on the door.  it reminded me of when andy or my dad are about to hang a picture and they are looking for a stud).  andy said he was looking for the weak spots to bust out…we laughed but i kind of think there might be something to that.  he went to this barrel and grabbed the rope.  he held the rope for a while and started biting it and swung the barrell….it came back and hit him in the head.  it was so much fun to watch him.  we saw his teeth and they were crazy sharp-looking.

george and his mama

we went to see the chimps next.  last year we saw george and he was a little thing walking around with a book bag on his head looking for green beans.  this year he was outside with his mama and was pulling on her feet and hands.  he was jumping on ropes and was jumping on the older chimps.  he had a handful of peanuts and was eating them this year.


i got a cute video of george grabbing a scarf and wrapping it around him.  we just loved watching george.  i love george.


we went to the petting zoo.  it was so much fun.  andy loved the sheep (but they were a little sticky to me).  andy got to brush them.  they hung out by the barn the entire time.


hey baby goat!  they had these stalks leaning and all the goats would go rub up against it.  it was so funny to watch.  i had to save a womans life while we were in there….a goat got the back of her shirt and was trying to eat it.  so i had to beat the goat off her…i didn’t really beat it but i had to pull the shirt and push the goat.  it was funny.  she was with her grand-daughter and the little girl was like it won’t eat me will it?  i nodded and said yep your next (ok i didn’t really say that but i thought it).


we saw this bear walking back to the car….just kidding.  the first thing we see when we get to the zoo are the bears.  but since the exhibit is right next to the exit i wanted to stop by and see them again.  it was awesome!  we got some great shots of them up close and we got to see one in water.  it was worth going back and seeing them again!


we saw the camels….andy didn’t want to ride.  but that was fine we stood there and laughed at them.  they look so funny.


we had to get a ton of pictures of this ugly bird.  andy wanted one for his profile picture at thanksgiving.  he kind of creeped me out so i didn’t watch him long.


we didn’t get to pet the pigs but we got to look at them…they were cute.  we saw a lot of other animals too.  we saw beavers, otters, elephants, giraffe, lions, tigers, rinos, etc.  i got a lot of videos of other animals and andy got some great pictures, but i don’t want to post all of them!  i love the zoo and i love that andy enjoys going with me and seeing those animals.  until next fall when the weather gets cooler and we can go after the crowds!

evils of the grocery store…

i don’t know where my hatred of grocery shopping comes from, but i absolutely hate going.  i don’t mind making the list and planning out what i need.  i don’t mind putting the list in order of where i would find things in the store.  that is where my not minding stops.  i don’t want to actually get in the car and go.  i don’t want to find a buggy that doesn’t have snotty tissues in the bottom or when raining a buggy that isn’t wet.  i don’t like walking through the store and picking things off the shelves and putting them in the buggy.  i don’t like winding my way around other people who don’t have lists and people who have unwilling shoppers with them (usually they are kids, teens, or spouses…the spouses are the worst).  i don’t like going to the counter and paying…the check out people are looking at everything you buy and (in my mind) judging my choices.  i don’t like putting all that crap in my car then driving home and unloading it all into my house and then unloading the bags and then putting everything up.  i hate the grocery store…it is evil.

i think i could point to a few things that might have factored into my loathing of the grocery store.  i remember going with my mom and it doesn’t matter if we were in there in 3 minutes or 3 hours it always felt like it took forever.  i don’t know why that is.  i think because me and will would walk behind her and complain or make fun of other people and so we fed off each other’s moods while we were walking around the blasted store.  i think i hate getting things off the shelves from when i was picking something up with my dad and we walked down the water aisle and he was flicking the carbonated flavored water bottles…i don’t know what happened but i saw a bottle falling off the shelf and i lunged for it while my sweet father picked up his feet and moved a little quicker, he turned around in time to see the bottle slip through my fingers and an explosion of water engulf me.  when he was done laughing at me and i was able to get the water out of my nose we made our way to check out…him still snickering and my leaving a trail of carbonated foot prints all the way to the car.  (a worker walked by as the bottle exploded so they got a mop as we walked away).  do i really think those things made the grocery store evil?  no i don’t but i think of those things when i walk in.  i am so thankful that andy goes with me most of the time…i love him for that (among other reasons).  going with him isn’t so bad because i have someone to help me carry groceries in and put them away.

the other day i wanted to get some stuff from the store so that i could work on dinner before andy got home from work…stuffed shells and stuff for a pot roast for the next day.  i made my list and put it in order of how it would be in the store, so i didn’t have to back track and put on my socks and shoes and got the dog and took him out.  (usually this is where i would have locked furry butt in his crate and gone without him but he looked at me with those pleading eyes and i knew it wasn’t worth the fight to lock him up for that little time so i took him with me).  i got to the store, made sure there was nothing the dog could get into and put the windows down a touch and ran into the store.  i was in and out in 10 minutes.  when i was walking back to the store i saw otis looking at me with his ears back.  (when his ears are back that means he did something he shouldn’t have)  i excepted the worse and approached the car….


what did you do?

through the window i could see that he found as many napkins and shredded them while i was in the store…

bad dog…

so not only did i get to go to the evil grocery store i had to clean up the front seat of my car…i guess the evil forces from the grocery store caused a demon to present himself in otis…or not.


revenge is a confession of pain -latin proverb

well, remember what you said, because in a day or two, i’ll have a witty and blistering retort!  you’ll be devastated then! -calvin and hobbes

last year i fell in love with revenge…not the act of revenge but the tv show.  it changed nights and has come back on for season 2.  i have been so excited.  sunday when we get home from youth i run to our room and jump in bed with the dog and we watch revenge while andy watches football.  if you haven’t seen it, you have no idea what you are missing.  the writing for the show is incredible and the acting is amazing.  for an entire hour i am mesmerized and hanging on to every frame of the show.  look it up.

one of the great things about revenge is that it comes on during the fall so it makes up for rookie blue being a summer show.  which i never said anything about that…but rookie blue ended on a great note.  i can’t wait to see where the next season takes us this summer.

weekend update

this past weekend my parents came to town and we had a busy weekend…

they got her friday night while andy and i were having hot chocolate and playing a the logo game.  (it reminds me of trivial pursuit….but with questions i might know).  we called it a fairy early night and saturday morning mom and i got up early and went to a few yard sales and thrift shops.  we wanted to go to a community center that was housing a muti family yard sale (from river plantation).  it was a bust….and according to a few old ladies (which i am convinced was a glimpse of betsy and mom in the future) it was lame.  we then started looking for an estate sale…gps was off with the correct directions and the directions mom wrote from the internet didn’t add up either.  so we gave up….as we were going to our next adventure we found it…but it didn’t start until 10:30 and it was only 8:00.  we hit up a few other places and then headed back to the estate sale…the paper was wrong it actually started at 10 so we got there late and there wasn’t anything that interested me left….well there was a really pretty day bed (older) but it was really expensive and i didn’t think i liked it that much.  we headed home around lunch time and picked up lunch on the way home.  after lunch we worked outside.  andy and i blew leaves and he mowed.  we finished the flower beds (putting rock down).  we scrubbed the house to get some gross stuff off (that was growing behind some tall weeds).  mom swept the house to get off leaves and cobwebs.  we busted it all day.  that night we went to the moose for dinner (to celebrate aunt annie’s birthday).  betsy, jack, and bryson went with us.  while we were there bryson had his first cherry cobbler.  (since kelli and matt weren’t there i took pictures with andy’s phone to document this HUGE development in his life).

ready to eat!

each time we pointed the camera towards bryson he would just smile!

betsy had to have some too…

and once again i didn’t snap the camera in time so we got a smile and not a bit of cobbler….and betsy had to take a bite…


ok well there you go….he had some cherry cobbler…i am sure one day when he is in college and has to write about the time in his life that was the most memorable he will think back to the night at the moose when he had his first cherry cobbler and then he will think that his parents missed it and will go to therapy for years and years because of it….but he will get an A on his college essay…or not.  but whatever.

sunday we went to church and came home.  we went to lunch at my grandmothers and got home so we could plan and relax before we had to go to youth.  youth was about breaking down walls.  it was neat to see them play the games and come up with creative ways to ruin the games (they played and didn’t break the rules…but to fit with andy’s point…their way ruined it).  some amazing crazy kids!

monday morning i woke up sore…nothing a little advil didn’t help.

andys day off…

andy typically has thursdays off so that is our day!  we typically have done yard work or run errands but this past thursday we had a HUGE day.  it was wonderful.

it just so happened that this past thursday was my aunt’s birthday so we picked up some mcdonalds and took her breakfast.  we talked for a little bit and then went on with our adventures.

we went to a little shop across from the college and walked around.  it is called three blind mice.  we ended up getting a Christmas gift for someone while we were there.  some of the prices were a little high, but a lot of them were reasonable.  it was nice to go in and see what they had.  it will be a place i shop when i need to pick up a quick gift or if i need something seasonal!  i loved it!

i took andy to river plantation.  river plantation is a subdivision that is nice…huge houses and beautiful views.

what a view!

this picture was taken from the top of the development.  the houses and yards are beautiful and the houses aren’t so bad either.  there is one house that is a huge log house.  that is my favorite!  i would love to walk in any of them and look around!  isn’t that a beautiful view?

when we left there we went to the mennonite store.  we are in the heart of mennonite and amish country at least that is what it seems.  there is a great restaurant and beside it is a store run by mennonites.  there are a lot of local products there and things the mennonite’s make.  we got some mini marshmallows for our hot chocolate and we got some sandwiches.  andy got ham and cheese and i got turkey and cheese.  it was a huge sandwich for little cost.  we bought bottle water to go with it and headed towards horse creek.

when i was little my grandparents would take will and i there to cook out sometimes.  we were able to play in the creek and those memories have always stayed with me.  i wanted andy to see horse creek and share in those memories with me.  i knew where to turn…but i will admit i don’t remember the drive…so we drove and passed some interesting places like the meth lab gone bad.  we laughed so hard at that one…


i felt a little weird continuing on when we passed this…but we did.  we followed signs to our picnic…

going the right way

the sky was so blue and just the perfect day.  i was so glad when we saw the sign at the entrance…i did remember that sign (even if i didn’t recognize the rest of the drive).


once we got there we found a picnic table and spread out our lunch by the creek so that we could take in the peace of it all.


i told andy if i knew that we would take a picnic i would have left out a basket and brought some chips or something a little nicer than a plastic bag.  we enjoyed every bite!  (except for a bee that kept checking us out it was a perfect lunch).  once we got done we did a little “hiking” and i use that term loosely because i had on flip-flops and we didn’t really go all that far.  we walked along the creek and got some pictures and video of the creek.  we were the only ones there (except for a surveyor).

i stuck my hand in the water and it was so cold.  we are thinking of taking otis up there soon and seeing if he wants to play in the creek.  i will have to wear my rubber boots so i can get in with him!  it is the perfect place for rock hopping!

creek and color

there was some color and we were able to get some pictures of it.  even though we got some really neat pictures there is something about seeing it in person that really captures the magic…

cool moss

this neat wall covered in moss with the sun shinning through the clouds was wonderful…the picture shows a little bit of it but walking by it in person in the fall weather was like something out of a fairy tale.

huge leaf!

while walking back to the car i saw this leaf.  it was huge!  i was so excited i brought it home to press and keep it…but i left it in the car and it got crispy so i couldn’t press it.  when we walked back to the car a few other people showed up and were laughing and enjoying the weather like we did…

we raced the clouds home and started to work in the back yard.  the black clouds threatened to drop buckets on us…but it held off.  we were able to get the rest of the bricks laid around the house (i will have pictures later).  we loaded up on advil and relaxed the rest of the night!

it was the perfect day to spend with andy…

here turkey turkey turkey

one of the cool things about living in greeneville is the wild animals that are around here.  i love sitting on the porch and listening to the cows across the street moo in the mornings and at night….i love seeing the groundhogs run around beside the creek (now if i had a garden i don’t think i would like it).  i love seeing the birds (i have seen some blue jays (bluer than i have ever seen) and some cardinals.  the thing that has been the most entertaining is the family of turkeys that come visit.  from what i can tell the live in the woods across the road but have recently started coming to our yard to visit.

the little black dots on the hill is our family of turkeys across the street.

i tried to get a little bit of a close up but with my camera it is a little harder to focus when zoomed in.  these first 2 pictures were taken when we first moved in.  i didn’t see them much after these pictures were taken until a few weeks ago when they started to get closer.  the day they came over i was washing dishes and saw movement out of the corner of my eyes.  i went running into the living room so that i could look out the window and see what it was….they already crossed the road but i saw them walk along the house to the back yard.  a few days later i was putting my glass in the sink when i saw them trying to cross the road.  it was so funny.  there was on turkey that i assume was voted the dumbest out of the family and he stood in the middle of the road looking for cars.  when he thought the coast was clear he would turn back to the rest of them and they would start to walk into the road.  a car would come by and they would run off the side…wait a minute and the look out turkey would come back to the middle of the road.  on that day they tried to cross several times but it was really busy so they turned and went back into the woods across the street.

in the backyard

this was as zoomed in and clear as i could get it.  this was when they made it across the road and spent it in the back yard and in the garden.

if you look in the road you can see the look out turkey

i felt so bad for the turkeys that i wanted to go stop traffic for them to come over the road…but i knew they would run and i didn’t really want to go outside.  it was one of the days that it was windy and cold!

dumbo not doing a great job!

this was their last attempt at crossing before they gave up.  a few seconds after i took this picture a big rig came through and they went for the hills.

i have enjoyed looking at our turkey friends…since the family is so big i could have thanksgiving dinner for about 12 years if i could get them all…but lets be real.  1. i don’t have a gun and 2. i don’t think i could clean it.

first trip home

we went back to charlotte this past weekend for our first visit since we moved to greeneville.  going back there were a lot of mixed emotions driving back.  i have never lived anywhere but charlotte (not even away to college) so being away from home for this long has been weird.  the ride back wasn’t bad (not that i expected it to) otis did pretty good on the ride and slept most of the way (or laid down) i don’t mind if he is up i just don’t like when he tries to balance on my knee caps or bladder.

we woke up thursday morning and ate breakfast on the porch and had to finish up some things around the house.  we had to take trash and pick up and finish up laundry.  i wanted to be on the road around 12 but that didn’t happen.  but we didn’t have to “punch a clock” so it was ok.  we got on the road around 2 and made great time.  we would have been in charlotte earlier but we hit charlotte right around rush hour which wouldn’t have been too bad but we hit major traffic on 485 (and where it usually clears up it was still a stand still).  we finally got to andy’s parents house around 6 or 630.  we were able to talk to ginger and sandy for a little bit before erik, maggie, cj, katie, and chris got there.  once they got there and dinner was ready we enjoyed a nice meal together with great conversation.  we got to see some great video of cj trying to say spoon and fork (hopefully she will get her “r’s” down soon)!  after dinner we just sat around and talked and caught up.  it was good to catch up and hang out for a little while.

when we left we went to the track and slept in the motor home…the next morning we got up and ran some errands.  we had to go to the bank, target, hobby lobby, ac moore, ollies, christian book store, and a few other places.  we left otis with my mom and he got to hunt for cats….he never found any, but he still looked.  we got back to the track and had pizza with the people at the track.  it was good to see everyone at the track.  saturday we got up and i went to see carol and quinton while andy ran some errands then we dropped off a handtruck that the prices loaned us when we moved.  we were sad that we didn’t get to see them…but we hope to next time we are in.  it was great to catch up with carol and see how great quinton is doing.  that night andy went to the race and i went to bed early…we got up the next morning at 3 and drove home.  it wasn’t great driving home that early but it was fine.  actually i would rather do that then deal with all the traffic.  we saw a baby coyote and that was about it….

even though it was a short trip it was great to see people and catch up in person.  we are excited about our next trip which will be thanksgiving…it will be great to have a little more time to see people and catch up in person…until then we have skype and facebook and cell phones….