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my fuzzy…

in finding nemo, dory finds a little jelly fish and says:
“I shall call him ‘Squishy,’ and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.”

i think of the calves at the farm and i think of this because they are all so fuzzy and i want to pet them and hug them.  they are my fuzzy and i shall call them my fuzzy.

when dad goes he has found lots of little ones that have been born and they are all so cute.  in the movie dory’s jellyfish stings her and she gets mad at it and i know if i got out and tried to hug one of these calves that i would get kicked or something…so i just admire them from a far.

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my fuzzys……

more snow…

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everyone asked me what the weather would be once we moved.  i answered how i knew to answer: it will be similar to charlotte.  i think a lot of the time it is but i feel like we have gotten more snow here and i think it is God playing jokes on me.  i will admit that the snow is so beautiful on the mountains.  these pics are from dad since he was out with his camera and i didn’t get any of the mountains.

we have had some really pretty days…so i am hopeful that spring is coming.


two nameless dogs

a post on two nameless dogs that made my day…

last weekend we went to johnson city to run some errands and went to kohls to get some more “work clothes”  (it is funny coming from a job i could go to in jeans and a tee shirt to a job where i have to “dress up” all the time).  anyways we bought a few things at kohls and were walking to the car.  we parked in between two stores so if we didn’t find anything at kohls we could just walk to the next store and not have to move the car.  while we were walking i noticed a man in black with a belt and a gun on it standing in the grassy area at the end of the parking lot.  my first reaction was panic that someone was going to start shooting (we have had a lot of “active shooter’ alerts and drills and in-services at work so my imagination was getting the best of me).  once i calmed down we saw the police jeep to the side of the grassy area with the door open.  about the time we noticed the jeep we saw the police dog run towards the police officer and drop to his feet with a toy in his mouth.  we took a few minutes to watch them play on break and get out of the jeep for a few minutes.  the officer would pick up the toy and give the dog a command and the dog would comply…we couldn’t hear the commands but we could see the man speak and the dog act and the man nod his head.  the dog sat, backed up, crouched down, laid down, became alert and looked around.  it was wonderful seeing that interaction.  right before we drove to where they were out of sight the officer had the dogs toy and had it in his hand.  he was telling his dog to sit and the dog sat.  he took the toy and was acting like he was throwing the toy but speaking a command at the same time.  the dog never took his eyes off his officer’s face.  he never looked at the toy and started for it.  he was intent on getting his command and doing what was expected of him.  finally after several seconds/minutes of doing this the man threw the toy and gave the command and the dog went after it like a bat out of hell.  he grabbed his toy and with his tail and entire butt wagging went running back to the officer and plopped down in front of him and dropped the toy at his feet and smiled up with his tongue flopped out the side of his mouth.  the officer reached down and picked up the toy and the dog stood up and the officer rubbed his head and scratched his ears and the love and respect that the dog had for his officer and the officer for the dog could be felt all the way across the parking lot….

on the way home from church last week i was coming up on a field that has 5 horses and a pony.  i noticed that one of the horses was jumping and rearing up and running around like crazy.  as i got close i saw that on the other side of the gate there was a dog (maybe a small healer) and was down in the puppy stance.  he was barking at the horse and the horse was nodding its head.  just when i thought that was all the action the dog shot like a rocket into the field and ran around the horse and the horse turned and ran after him back to the gate where the dog fled under it and turned around like “can’t catch me.” they were playing tag.  the other horses in the field just looked at the pair like they were fools but they were having a great time playing.  right before i got out of sight i saw the horse lower its head to the bottom of the gate and the horse and dog were nuzzling noses.  (at least that is what i am telling myself…the horse could have eaten the dog…but i am pretending they were just having fun).

sunset 3-2-13

as we were leaving for dinner i ran back in and took a pic of the sunset because it was beautiful…

phil 242 phil 243 phil 244

can’t say anything else that the pictures don’t say for me.

farm plus new camera

so this was the first time i could take my new camera and the dog and get pictures.  otis had fun and was the subject to many of my photos and so where the cows and horses.  i am pretty sure there is a hit on otis from the cows and horses (and if we continue to bring him to the farm on andy and myself too).  we drive up and they all glare at us.  i am pretty sure they are cursing us and flipping us off (if they had fingers and not hooves) in their minds.  but anyways we went on.  i tested my new camera and the zoom and auto focus on it.  we got several really great shots that i am thinking about entering into the fair this year.  we will see.

let me say that dad has names for all the fields and areas at the farm.  like when he says the “hay-field” i talk that to mean “the field we are eventually going to build in.”  we call the fields by their shapes or what is in it.

phil 108

like the above field is what we call the “football field” because it is a really big flat area with a hill beside it so it looks like a natural stadium.  *side note* we went down to the creek to explore a new area with otis and when we tried to go up the hill we slid twice – it was really wet outside – so we had to venture all around to avoid certain areas.  *end note* all that to say we went into the “rebel field” that is the field with the younger calves that have escaped a few times.  they are the rebels of the farm. (hints the creative name of the field when andy and i are riding around).  we drove through that field to get to the upper hay-field “field they will eventually build in” and all the cows were scattered around minding their own business and when we drove through the field and got through the gate they all came and lined up to watch us.  it was really funny (and slightly creepy).

phil 122 phil 124 phil 127 phil 129

here are a few pics that i took all around the farm…

phil 009 phil 013 phil 030 phil 036 phil 046 phil 051 phil 054 phil 059 phil 074 phil 080 phil 099 phil 110 phil 114 phil 117 phil 153 phil 161 phil 173 phil 180 phil 200 phil 203 phil 211 phil 225 phil 231

and the next two i was testing out the zoom the first is zoomed out and the second one is when i turned the camera on and no zoom…

phil 033 phil 035

here is the zoom again….the first is when i turned it on and the second zoomed in on the barn….isn’t it amazing?

phil 190 phil 192

here are a few that i might enter into the fair…

phil 229 phil 040 phil 041 phil 044 phil 095 phil 123 phil 137 phil 142 phil 143

anyways….i know it is a little late coming and so much has happened that i need to catch up on but this is life…..