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a sea of purple

i believe it is safe to say that spring is finally here.  we are getting more rain and showers and the grass is turning the deep dark green with the bright green highlights that normally mean new growth!  (and the pollen – always the pollen).

the other day i was washing a rag out in the utility room sink and looked out in to the backyard and there were dots of dark purple all over.  i smiled a little bit.  a few days later i went on the screened in porch and was welcomed by a sea of purple mixed with different shades of green covering out back yard.  i smiled a lot.

4-38-13 002 4-38-13 003 4-38-13 007 4-38-13 008

i have a ton of fond memories of visiting tn when i was younger.  from playing with all the animals i got to play with and feeding all of them, to playing in the dirt at the green house and helping people load their cars with their plants, and “camping” in the back yard, and baking bread and cakes, and visiting different historical sites and horse creek and the hands no museum….i could list out a ton of things that i remember doing and seeing without really having to think about it or search my memory for it.  but there are things that aren’t on the tip of my memory that a sight or sound or smell with instantly pull from deep inside and brings it flowing out.  seeing that sea of purple reminded me of picking violets for jelly.  when we first moved into the house i looked and looked for the recipe for dee dee’s violet jelly but couldn’t find it.  it made me sad, but went towards the back of my mind.  when i saw all that purple i knew my window for making the jelly was slim so i found a different one and compared it with mom’s memory and realized that it would be close enough if it wasn’t the exact same.  we used to give jelly to our teachers for Christmas since it was an easy gift (at least for us) and when i would tell people about it the first question is “what does it taste like?”  my answer is i don’t know how to explain it.  it is unique and in my weird opinion it taste like purple…all of these answers made andy raise his eyebrow (and i am sure start researching some mental institutions).

i told andy i wanted to make violet jelly and he was excited about it (he has been on a kick to raise our own food and be independent – which i think is mostly a joke but it would be fun to have a garden and have some fresh veggies) so he was like YES let’s make jelly!  i think he became worried when i got a bucket and said ok we have to pick violets.  he seemed concerned about eating weeds but was more concerned about not helping me i believe.  we picked violets and picked them and picked them until we had enough to make one batch.  as i was sitting in the middle of the yard picking them i realized why dee dee had me and will pick them…it seems like it takes forever to get enough to do anything with and i am sure she wanted to hurt us when we got done because you are only supposed to have the flower part and no stem or grass and i know that when will and i helped we got handfuls of grass and stems…

i had to use google a lot to understand the recipe…like steep….did you know that doesn’t always mean a sharp incline it can also mean to soak something in boiling water to extract flavors (you knew that?  oh…)  we also had to go buy some cool things to be able to do it.  i had to buy some little jars (which took us the longest to pick out because i didn’t want a certain size but andy didn’t like the design on the ones i wanted so we compromised and got the ones he wanted some cute ones.  we had to get a “canning” starter pack with instructions, a jar grip, a magnetic wand (which is awesome), a funnel, a jar rack and recently a larger pot since ours were all too small.  we didn’t get cheese cloth…couldn’t find it so we improvised and used a coffee filter and that worked fine (as far as we know).

4-38-13 012 4-38-13 014

before we started making it i freaked out a few times.  i was worried that we would mess it up and poison ourselves if we ate it.  i was worried that it wouldn’t be as good as i remembered it being.  i was worried that i wouldn’t boil something long enough or that my water wasn’t the right depth or temperature and so i freaked out a few times (like when the juice was blue and i thought it should have been purple).  andy got beyond his weariness about cooking weeds so he calmed me down and said we would make it together.  (he is so good to me).  and of course i took pictures to document our process.

4-38-13 010 4-38-13 011 4-38-13 016 4-38-13 017 4-38-13 018 4-38-13 019 4-38-13 020 4-38-13 025 4-38-13 027 4-38-13 028 4-38-13 031 4-38-13 032 4-38-13 033 4-38-13 034 4-38-13 036

after our first batch when andy’s back was turned i tasted the jelly on a spoon and it was instant flash back.  it was exactly how i remembered it.  we completed the first batch and had enough to do a second and so we did.  when we got done we stood back and andy had the bright idea that we were going to go into business making jelly!  (yea right).  but we had to have a name and thus cow lick jelly company was born.  (we decided that if it isn’t good you can at least use it for hair gel to make cow licks).

the next night we made breakfast for dinner and debuted our jelly.  it was WONDERFUL!  andy said it was good!  we have had it a few more times (breakfast again and snack).

we picked a few more violets for more batches and froze the juice so that we can make more later on.  i am going to pick some more soon and do another batch so that i can be sure i have enough juice saved up for “emergency batches” when we need them for gifts or for toast!  our last time picking we were done and walking back to the house when i saw the most beautiful purple bloom and bent down and reached for it and when my fingers were almost there something reared back and scared me to death.  my first thought was cobra (because of the way it jerked up) after i screamed and cussed (it is a good thing we don’t have neighbors) and andy got right next to me i was able to see that it was actually a HUGE crawdad.  it was a foot long (ok maybe 3 inches) but it scared me half to death.  we relocated it near the creek instead of in the middle of the yard.  but i got my purple flower and that will be the difference when we make that batch.

i will say that after making it and tasting it i was pleased with how it turned out (color and taste).  i am anxious for my family to taste it and see if it is what they remember too.

pretty much a farmer….

several weeks ago we got to “work cattle.”  for the past several years dad has come over to tn to work the cattle to get them ready for summer and to sell.  andy and i have never been able to come because the dates just didn’t work with our work schedules.  this year it was easier to make it happen.  mom, dad, william, mitchell, gene, and some of william’s friends got to the barn early and started working them.  andy got off work at 4 and went to the barn to join in on the fun.  i got off at 5 and rushed over there to join in on the fun.  i will be honest i didn’t know what to expect but this was pretty much what i think happened…

all the cows: get number tags in their ears.  (for the little guys the number tag looks huge and throws them off-balance when they are walking – it isn’t funny – but let’s be honest in a way it really was).

welcome team!

welcome team!

if they are old enough: they get a green fly tag in their other ear (i think this keeps the flies out of their faces).  they are sprayed with some medicine (i think worm medicine was sprayed on their back).  they were given shots for pink eye and black leg.  if they were little bulls they were banded.  they were all evaluated and separated into where they needed to go next.  they could go in the upper pasture (i think that was the young ones they don’t want to breed yet), in the barn lot to be sold or in the main fields to be bred and stay with their moms.

when i got there i changed clothes and walked to the barn.  i was really nervous because it sounded like they were killing cows (and i didn’t sign up for that).  one was moo’ing as loud as it could and i could pick out dad yelling at it and william yelling at it and other men just yelling in general and mitchell trying to talk calmly to it.  i heard gene tell it to go on and a cow came flying out of the barn like a bat out of hell towards me. we made eye contact and i remember seeing in those big black watery eyes a fleeting thought – a human separated from the pack…i can take her and pound her in the ground – then it stopped and did an about-face and high tailed it out of there!  i ran across the opening of the barn and went around the side where it was a little safer.


i walked around taking it all in and was glad to see andy staying out of trouble (he wrote down what was done to each cow and what the final decision was for that cow).

DSCN1508 DSCN1509 DSCN1510 DSCN1511 DSCN1512 DSCN1513 DSCN1514 DSCN1515 DSCN1516

once i got some pictures and things seemed a little calmer i was trained in loading the fly tag gun and the number tag gun (it made me feel great that after i had my hands on the fly tags william turned to me and was like be sure not to touch your face or anything until you wash your hands – now did i want to touch my face before he said something?  no!  but i sure did after he said that).  mitchell and william had to show me several times how to load the number tag gun…it was really hard but i got it towards the end of the night (with like 3 tags to go).  i was on the side with mom and william (and mitchell most of the time).

DSCN1559 DSCN1560

mom was drawing up the shots and william was giving them to the cows.  mitchell and william took turns putting the tags in their ears.

DSCN1518 DSCN1521 DSCN1524 DSCN1525 DSCN1526 DSCN1528 DSCN1551 DSCN1552 DSCN1555 DSCN1556 DSCN1557 DSCN1558

i hadn’t been there long when they ran the bull through and let him into the lot with us (with no railing separating us so i kept my eye on him but he didn’t really seem to care), a little bit later and another bull joined him.  i was nervous having my back to them, but got over it when they were more interested in munching on hay and staring at the cows coming through the gates.


there were some crazy cows…one jumpped over a fence…one chased the men (by that point in time mom and i got out of the way).  the babies screamed and screamed and the moms jumped and jerked and bucked and backed up and tried to run and weren’t happy in general.  several slipped and tripped over their own feet and smaller cows.

DSCN1539 DSCN1540 DSCN1564

it made me a little sad to see how scared they were and i was scared they were going to hurt themselves trying to get away from us, but in the end it was all ok!

rewind to when i got there some babies were laying by the barn…i will admit i thought they died from stress.  i stood there with my jaw dropped and watched for them to take a breath.  their bellies moved up and down and they were just taking a nap from the traumatic experience they just had.

DSCN1486 DSCN1488 DSCN1491 DSCN1492 DSCN1493 DSCN1496 DSCN1498 DSCN1500 DSCN1501 DSCN1502 DSCN1503 DSCN1504

when we were all done two of the babies were still sleeping at the barn.  they got one of them up and it went to find its mama and joined up with the rest of the cows but the other one needed some help.  mitchell moved it away from the barn and andy carried it up to the field so that the mama could get to it faster (well he carried it most of the way and it pooped on him so andy made the little calf walk the rest of the way).  poor fuzzy!!!

DSCN1618 DSCN1621 DSCN1623 DSCN1624 DSCN1627 DSCN1629 DSCN1633 DSCN1635 DSCN1638 DSCN1641 DSCN1642 DSCN1643 DSCN1646 DSCN1647 DSCN1650 DSCN1651 DSCN1654 DSCN1661 DSCN1662 DSCN1665 DSCN1667 DSCN1669 DSCN1671 DSCN1672 DSCN1675 DSCN1678 DSCN1679 DSCN1680 DSCN1682 DSCN1683 DSCN1684 DSCN1685 DSCN1686 DSCN1688 DSCN1689 DSCN1691 DSCN1692 DSCN1693

speaking of andy…there was one rouge calf that went into an area not where he should have so andy went to “get” him.  i waited and waited on him to come back and saw movement out of the corner of my eye and it was the calf running full speed away from andy and andy telling it to stop….the calf didn’t stop it made a new hole in the fence and joined its mom!

DSCN1701 DSCN1704 DSCN1724 DSCN1725 DSCN1726 DSCN1727 DSCN1728

at the end of the day i acknowledge that i didn’t really do anything….and most likely slowed things down a little bit….but it was so much fun.  in the words of andy…we are pretty much farmers now!

DSCN1529 DSCN1531 DSCN1533 DSCN1535 DSCN1536 DSCN1541 DSCN1543 DSCN1549 DSCN1550 DSCN1577 DSCN1580 DSCN1583 DSCN1584 DSCN1585 DSCN1587 DSCN1595 DSCN1605 DSCN1613 DSCN1614 DSCN1615 DSCN1616 DSCN1617 DSCN1656 DSCN1657 DSCN1696 DSCN1700 DSCN1702 DSCN1703 DSCN1707 DSCN1714 DSCN1735 DSCN1736 DSCN1740 DSCN1741 DSCN1744 DSCN1746 DSCN1748 DSCN1750 DSCN1751

3/30/13 band perry

the band perry released their second cd and decided to have a release party down town greeneville the saturday before Easter.  we went down town and had a blast at the concert!  they were a little late getting on stage but it was completely worth it.  we were able to buy cds before they came out to the public and if we wanted them too, the band would sign them after the concert.

the town of greeneville freaked out and called the national guard in to help control the crowd since it was un clear how many people would be there.  i think the final count was between 10-25 thousand people (i think closer to 10).  it was really fun to go to a concert with andy, mom, the reeds, and roses (we missed matt and dad).

DSCN1093 DSCN1096 DSCN1097 DSCN1100 DSCN1103 DSCN1107 DSCN1113 DSCN1116 DSCN1117 DSCN1120 DSCN1121 DSCN1125 DSCN1129 DSCN1133 DSCN1136 DSCN1138 DSCN1141 DSCN1148 DSCN1149 DSCN1153 DSCN1155 DSCN1161 DSCN1164 DSCN1165 DSCN1173 DSCN1176 DSCN1179 DSCN1181 DSCN1187 DSCN1192 DSCN1196 DSCN1199 DSCN1200 DSCN1201 DSCN1205 DSCN1208 DSCN1215 DSCN1217 DSCN1218 DSCN1224 DSCN1248 DSCN1268 DSCN1271 DSCN1272 DSCN1274 DSCN1276 DSCN1349 DSCN1352 DSCN1357 DSCN1386 DSCN1388 DSCN1389 DSCN1407 DSCN1411 DSCN1412 DSCN1416

they were so nice!  i was so impressed with how they dealt with talking to everyone when they were signing autographs.  it was a unique experience that i will never forget!

holy week

this was our first year away from charlotte for Easter.  i was a little sad about it because my favorite service of the year is maundy thursday service.  i don’t know what it is about the service but i love it.  i love the somber feel to it and the act of striping down the sanctuary (at least at ARPC).  i was nervous because i have been to other maundy thursday services and they didn’t meet my love for it.  i think that sets my mood for the entire Easter holiday. 

this year didn’t disappoint…jamie gave a wonderful sermon at a beautiful service.  he talked about his mother and how when she goes home she wants to look at things and touch things because it is a reminder of the memories that associate with those objects.  the “church” connection was that when we take communion we should taste and touch the elements and remember what God and Jesus did for us.  it was amazing! 

we had a nice Easter lunch with my parents and aunt and grandmother.  it was a little sad to not be in charlotte for the events…but it was also refreshing to do something a little new.

i hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter and that in several months we can still remember what the bread and juice represent and don’t take it for granted.

clayford ridge – a bittersweet goodbye

so almost five years ago andy and i had to make a decision – buy a house or not?!  we looked and looked for months and i am pretty sure annoyed our realtor with wanting to see so many houses.  we travelled to bradfield farms and looked at a few houses and decided that if we were going to buy a house it would need to be 11238 clayford ridge.  it was the best of what we could afford and we could see a future there.  we didn’t LOVE everything about the house and in fact a few things we talked about HATING: the floor plan.  we didn’t love the entire floor plan but really didn’t love the side door and that there wasn’t a door directly to the back of the house.  to get to the deck you had to go out the side patio door and walk around the house in the grass.  we didn’t love that and to be honest we thought about not putting in an offer because of that.  after thinking and talking and praying about it we decided to go on and put in an offer and see what happened.  we got it.  i will never forget sitting at the table across from the seller and his girlfriend and being so nervous i wanted to throw up.  we signed the papers and were handed a set of keys and we went back to our home and walked around.  it was the same day of my graduation from college.  we started moving our stuff in the next day.  for the next few years it was home.

time came where we knew we needed to get away from our jobs and some people in our lives and so andy started looking at where he felt called to go.  he looked in AR and thank God that didn’t work out and so we ended up in greeneville.  we knew that if we found something we would have to say goodbye to our house but the reality didn’t hit me until the sign was in the yard and the flyers were in the box and the booklets were on the table.  i got sadder and sadder as we packed up our things and as we thinned out our earthly possessions.  i got even sadder when people didn’t want to buy our home and when they had negative feedback on things (like the floor plan esp that blasted patio side door).  it got really sad the last night we spent in our home.  the guest bedroom and office were completely empty.  the kitchen only held a few packed boxes.  the dining room had our pictures leaned up against the wall.  the living room had our tv and stereo and a few small things that still needed to find a place in a box.  the bathroom had the shower curtain and tooth brushes.  and the only thing left in our room was a mattress and our tv.  i sat in the bed looking at our empty room and cried for our home and the memories that were made at our home.  the next morning i got up and walked through knowing that our home was back to a house and that we would make our home somewhere else.  it was goodbye because i knew i would never walk through those doors with an eagerness to put on my comfy pants and sit on the couch to relax or to cook a meal with andy or to play in the floor with otis.  i left sad.

months passed and i grew more and more frustrated at selling the house.  not mad at the house but the process – well mostly not the house i was mad at the builder for putting the door on the side and not the back.  we were frustrated at the feedback and lack of feedback from all the showings.  we were frustrated because we didn’t feel like time was being spent on selling our house.  when the clouds were dark and we thought we would be stuck with this house forever the angles appeared and a heavenly glow came and we had an offer.  it was a lower offer than what we expected and wanted…but it was the first real offer we had gotten.  after talking about it we decided to accept the offer.  we were told we would close in 10 days and that was a huge plus to us and the reason we took such a low offer.  we would be done with the house before the next mortgage payment was due, before the HOA dues were due, before the next round of bills were due, so we felt like we could deal with taking less.  the day of closing came fast and we were told that the buyer couldn’t get everything ready so they moved closing to the next week.  as the 2nd closing got closer we didn’t have an amount for closing, a location for closing or the time so we got nervous.  we were told for the second time that closing would be rescheduled.  we sat in wait and i got meaner with each passing day.  i emailed our realtor with a million questions at least 2 times a day.  we were told we needed to be patient and remember that they gave us a break with the home inspection (wood rot) and to give them a little slack.  i reminded them that we gave them a price on counter offering since they wanted to close in 10 days (which was long past).  we got an e mail setting a new date (a thursday – a month past our originally close date) and were getting our ducks in a row because NOTHING would prevent us from closing on that day.  we got an e mail wednesday night saying they needed to change closing again…we said no and went to charlotte to close on thursday march 14th.  we went by the house and took some pictures to remember our first home by.  as we backed out of the driveway one last time a flood of memories came to me and after months of frustration and tears i smiled.  here are a few of the pictures i took to remember the house by…the rooms are empty but the memories will always be there.


001 DSCN0707 DSCN0709 DSCN0710 DSCN0711 DSCN0725 DSCN0734 DSCN0744 DSCN0754 DSCN0761 DSCN0766 DSCN0768 DSCN0771 DSCN0776 DSCN0777 DSCN0780 DSCN0782 DSCN0783 DSCN0785 DSCN0786 DSCN0787

it wasn’t such a bad little house after all…

12 ounces of m&ms

when we were leaving dinner on saturday night about to get on 485 to start our journey back to greeneville i got a call from mom and text from dad asking where we were.  i said we were on our way home and they both said good.  i talked to mom on the phone and she informed me that while she was with aunt hilda filling out some paperwork and dad was outside working in the yard otis got in her bag and ate 98% of her 12 ounce bag of dark chocolate m&ms and was promptly throwing up…what did she need to do?  (this is about when i got a text from dad stating “not my fault”).  i called our vet in charlotte and got the number to an emergency vet and called them and explained that we moved but didn’t have a vet and what happened.  she gave me a number to a 24 hour vet and said we needed to take him ASAP.  i called the emergency vet and got a vet’s residence and talked to her about what we needed to do.  she told me to keep otis throwing up until it looked like the chocolate was out of his system.  she said to do that give him hydrogen peroxide.  i couldn’t help but laugh because i was glad that mom was going to have to do it instead of me!  she also told me to watch for twitching (it isn’t like a seizure but more like – twitching).  i kept in constant contact with mom and she said he was just throwing up and throwing up and would drink like crazy and throw up some more.  when we got home dad was on the couch and the dog and mom were nowhere to be found.  they were locked in the utility room so if he threw up it wouldn’t be on the carpet.  we took his water away from him and it helped him not throw up very much but around 2:15 in the morning he threw up and there were whole m&m’s.  i called the vet back and got him out of bed and he told me to get some milk of magnesia and give it to him.  i made a trip to walmart and decided that 2:30 in the morning is a great time because they aren’t busy at all!  i got back home and we tried to give him the milk of mag.  it was a pain.  i think otis ended up with more on his ears and on the door and floor than actually in his mouth and down his throat.  we finally got some in him and we laid on the couch.  mom went to bed around 4 so she could get some sleep and otis and i sat in the living room so we could run to the kitchen if he was going to get sick again.  each time he got sick i would reset the time and wait 45 minutes.  i figured if he didn’t get sick within that time period i would go to bed (i didn’t want to take chances because changing the sheets that late/early is no fun).  he kept getting sick about every 30 minutes so we stayed put.  around 5:3o in the morning he threw up again but after he got sick he jumped in his chair and went to sleep.  he woke up around 6:45 and was acting weird so i took him out and walked him around.  it was raining but he wanted to smell and pee on everything.  he was acting a little better and hadn’t thrown up in over an hour so when we got back inside we went to bed (as dad and andy were getting up for church).  i got a call about 745 from the vet wanting to check on otis (which i thought was really nice) and he told me to give him some more milk of mag but that it sounded like he would be ok.  i went back to sleep and mom woke us up around 9:45 to check on him and she took him out.  he was acting more like himself and we figured he was out of the woods – he survived his first (and God willing – last) bag of m&ms.  bad dog.


two years ago andy took me to see wicked in charlotte.  i told him if it ever come back to charlotte i wanted to see it (granted that was before we moved from charlotte) but we found out a few months after we came to greeneville that it was making another appearance in charlotte.  i wanted to go so bad but didn’t know if we would be able to.  andy surprised me with tickets and we made another whirlwind trip to charlotte for the show.  we got in friday afternoon (i worked half a day) and dropped otis off with my parents and went to dinner with erik and maggie at an italian place (mezannote i think was the name of it).  after dinner we went to see the play.  it was nice being able to do something with erik and maggie and it was a wonderful show.  last time some of the sound was off but this time the sound was perfect and i felt like the cast was better…it was even more magical than last time.  we got a signed poster with all the casts names on it.  i was super excited about that!  saturday morning we got up and ran some errands (andy dropped off our taxes and was going to get his hair cut, but there was a long line).  we worked on getting birthday and Easter gifts ready to leave and went to a few stores.  we went to see sandy and ginger.  sandy wasn’t feeling great and ginger was asleep from her surgery so we were able to visit for a little while but didn’t stay too long.  we went to dinner and headed back to greeneville.

here are a few pictures of our trip….ashes enjoying my “pound puppy” blanket.

DSCN1082 DSCN1083

this was the box we did for Easter for cj.  (we put smarties in the eggs and a trip to the zoo in the golden egg – i can not wait until she comes to visit and we can take her).

DSCN1089 DSCN1090

my next post is about our trip home…


crazy busy weekend

a few weeks back we had a crazy busy weekend.

thursday march 14th we got up at 4:00 am (after only about 4 hours of sleep) to get to charlotte in time to close on the house around 10 or 11.  we went by our house to take some pictures before we closed and to make sure we got everything out.  we got to closing around 11:20 and signed all of our paperwork.  we decided to go eat at showmars since we miss that place so much.  when we got done eating we went to see claudette and check on her after her surgery.  we hated to miss robert and their otis (they were at the beach) but we were so glad to spend a little time with claudette.  she looked great but we didn’t stay too long so she could get comfortable and not tire her out too much.  when we left her we ran a few errands and went to visit with sandy (ginger was at work) and andy took a little nap while we were at their house.  when sandy went to get ginger we ran one more place and met them (and erik, maggie, katie, chris, and cj) at mcalister’s.  when we got done eating we went by the price’s house to see them and their puppies.  (the price family was really supportive with the youth program at BPC and i have missed the kids tremendously).  it did my heart good to see them and talk to them…and a little puppy love with some really cute lab pups didn’t hurt.  we left there late and got back to greeneville in time for me to rest my eyes a few hours before i had to get up and go to work.

friday i worked all day (and was super tired) and then had to go to the church for the 24HOP (24 hours of poverty).  it is a lock in that took form sort of after the 30 hour famine.  we divided into high school and middle school group and played some games and did activities to help illustrate different points.  one thing that sticks out to me was that the high school kids wanted to get “the most” out of what we were doing so they wanted to sleep outside.  i agreed to be out there with them and so we made camp on the playground.  the kids made their beds under the slides (to protect them from the 30% chance of rain) and on the playground equipment to get off the ground.  we did allow them to have their sleeping bags and blankets if they brought them.  i took a piece of plastic out there and put it on the ground so that my comforter didn’t get dirty.  i would love to say we spent all night outside but we didn’t around 3:30 am it started raining and around 4:00 it was pretty bad and by 4:30 the wind was blowing so hard and the rain was coming down so i woke them up and made them go inside.  the one youth that was concerned she wouldn’t sleep a wink was the hardest to get up.  i learned a lot from that experiment.  i had 2 blankets, a pillow, my shoes, and my phone with me.  when i made my bed i was on and under the blanket and pillow and put my shoes beside my bed and my phone next to my shoes.  i closed my eyes and started to freak out.  i couldn’t help but think that what would happen if a real homeless person (or anyone for that matter) happened upon us while we slept and i didn’t wake up…they could just bend over and have my shoes and my phone and i would be none the wiser.  i opened my eyes and decided that i needed to have “contact” with all of my belongings.  so i put my shoes under my blanket so my leg would be on them and if anyone tried to take them i would feel the movement and wake up.  i also put the phone in my hand and slept with it in my fist.  i made sure that the blanket on top of me was also under me a little bit so it would be harder for someone to take.  i knew that i was responsible for the kids out there so i didn’t sleep very much.  i believe i got about 20 minutes of decent sleep while we were outside.  i memorized the noise of the train (that sounded like i was sleeping on the track).  i was aware of the cars that went down the roads…and which ones came by more than once.  i knew when the police went by and about how often.  i knew which direction they would be coming from.  i knew how many gates there were to get to us and how many escape routes we could take.  i learned to be completely aware of my surroundings.  i learned that there is an EVIL bird lurking on the outside of the play ground that sang for hours at a time and wouldn’t shut up.  it made me aware of so many different things that i can’t put words to!

saturday we went to the track for the bristol race and hung out and went home.  sunday we went back to the track but andy let me sleep in and miss church because i was so exhausted!

weekends like this make me crazy because they are so busy and it takes me forever to recover from them.  but i also love weekends like this because i get to see people i love and miss and because it means that i am able to do things i want to do.  i get to learn even when i am not in school and i get to do fun things!  so as much as i cringe when we have a crazy, busy weekend i always get something out of it.

the funny thing is…

the funny thing about blogging is that you have great intentions to write and to post and to keep people updated on what is going on in your life (as if their every second depends on an update from you) and you end up falling behind and behind.  there is the issue of wanting to post things in order after you have been away for a while and not having the pictures to put in the posts so you debate….post out of order or prolong the posting…what to do?

i have some posts written…just waiting to put the pictures in them so that i can post them.  and i have some post written just waiting to be posted in order (that don’t have pictures with them).

i am tired of waiting i am going to post and if they are out of order…forgive me.


so a while back i ran across a show and thought it was so stupid i changed the channel.  a few days later the same episode came on a few minutes before where i caught it before and was like OH!  that makes sense so maybe it isn’t stupid any more!  i watched the rest of the show and was like this is amazing!  thus began my love for duck dynasty and the robertson family!  andy got hooked and now we are fans.  we watch the show and we laugh and laugh.  we laugh at some of the situations and we talk about what neat people they must be and we wonder if they are like that in real life and how scripted the show actually is and if they are actually that way in “real” life.  we wonder if they actually do dinners like that very often and if the situations come up on their own or are “planted” in the show.  but we are fans regardless of the answers to any of those questions.

before Christmas we were told that phil was coming to greeneville.  we got so excited but then sad because we couldn’t find out any information other than he was coming.  we were ecstatic when we got tickets from my parents for Christmas and even happier that my parents, kelli, matt, betsy and jack would be there with us.  jack and betsy were “working” the event and kelli and matt were going to sit with us.

the day of came and we had to drop a car off early (since parking was going to be a nightmare).  we got there and stood in line.  we went inside and got our bbq plate and went to the bleachers (where i promptly almost fell and killed myself).  we sat down and started eating and waited on kelli and matt to get in there.  jack called and said that we had reserved seats on the floor and got to move from the bleachers to the good seats.  after we ate we went and stood in line for autographs.  we waited and waited and waited.  time was getting close to time for him to speak so we were holding our breath hoping we got through the line.  we got to the final leg of the line and they were closing the double doors so kelli grabbed me and i grabbed andy and we jumped through the doors before they closed and we MADE it….this is where i brag about getting autographs and pictures with phil and miss kay and how amazing they were and how stupid the people behind us that didn’t make it through the door are….but back to reality we knew we made it until we looked ahead of us and realized there were another set of doors closed up ahead.  we stood there for about 4 minutes and then they turned us away and said that he was done signing autographs.  😦  i was really sad about it but that is ok.  i guess it was better to stand and walk around for 2 hours than it was to just sit and wait for 2 hours and i would have been mad if we didn’t stand in line and would have made it.

the person introducing phil was his son – a son without a beard.  he isn’t on the show and explained to the crowd why.  he gave background information on his family and himself and you could feel everyone there hanging on the edge of their seats waiting on the next word to come out of his mouth.  he was an amazing speaker and after hearing his dad speak it is crystal clear that it runs in the family.  when he called his dad on stage they shared an embrace and it was such a touching moment that left me feeling a little like we “invaded” their lives!  miss kay was called on stage and presented with a basket for her and phil and she took the microphone and said a few words about phil and the family.  phil kicked her off stage and began his speech.

he talked about being Christian and being right with God.  he was an amazing speaker and everyone was completely focused on his words and hanging on to everything he said.  he pulled out his Bible and read scripture and he pulled out his duck calls and said that the little old women would be mad if he didn’t blow on the duck calls.  (it was funny he blew the one that andy has and it didn’t sound a thing like when andy does it)!  i am not going to say i agreed with everything that he said…but what he did say was amazing and presented in a way that i respect and was honored to have sat and listened to him.  one thing that really stuck out to me was when he talked about praying for the family meals on the show and how they cut out part of his prayer – the part where he says in Jesus name we pray.  it made me see the show in a different light.  it gave even more personality to phil and miss kay and to the rest of the family (since we were given “insight” on some of the other family members).  it gave me a different appreciation for the show and the situations and for the prayers on the show.  it did my heart good the other day to see an episode that had Jesus in the prayer.

phil 246 phil 247 phil 255 phil 256 phil 259 phil 264 phil 285 phil 293 phil 297 phil 311 phil 313 phil 319 phil 324 phil 329 phil 333 phil 340 phil 343 phil 345 phil 351 phil 352 phil 356 phil 361 phil 369 phil 395 phil 397 phil 398 phil 406 phil 429 phil 436 phil 437

here are a few pictures of the night…waiting in line outside…inside the gym…some of the look alikes….phil and miss kay….family!  it was a wonderful night and something i will remember all my life!