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5/9/13 birthday blahs…

so i had another birthday…yeehaw.  i don’t know why i just didn’t feel like birthday celebrations last year or this year.  i think i am over it.

andy was so good to me.  he took me to dinner and a movie.  we ate dinner at fatz cafe (which was nice) and we went to see the big wedding and it was wonderful!  we were the only 2 people in the theatre and so we were able to laugh and talk and enjoy our movie (like we were at home).  i think we both agreed that we would own it when it comes out because it was that good.  before the movie started we saw one of my doctors on the big screen (for an advertisement for our hospital).  it was funny seeing her on the big screen (i told her the next day she was a movie star)!

andy got me roses, two movies that i have been wanting, the duck dynasty book, a camera tripod type stand that i hinted at wanting, a pair of ladybug earrings that i adore, and computer stuff that we are deciding on how to use (return and use the credit for a new computer or see if this will help my laptop speed up).  he spoils me so much!  (now back to the drawing board on his birthday gifts….)

so another year has come and gone….so i guess that is that – until next year.

happy birthday vickie


one of my oldest (not by age but by presence in memories) had a birthday on may 6th.  we always remembered each other’s day since they were so close together!  she now lives in california with her husband and even though we don’t talk as much as we would like we are still great friends.  most of my childhood memories include her and it seems like yesterday we thought we could save the world by cleaning out a creek behind my house!

happy birthday vickie!

5-4-13 farm

when we were done with the baseball game we went to the farm to help run a little calf through and get it some earrings and shots.  (on the day that the cattle were worked it got stepped on by some bigger cows so it has been secluded so that it can be observed and taken care of).  we ran it through with little problems and it was actually sort of well-behaved.  (it screamed and jerked away from dad when he did the first ear tag but not bad – no one had to put their fingers in its nose to make it hold still – which is so gross).  while we were there, dad said a new baby had been born in the other field so we went to see if we could tag it while we were there.  when we got to it the mom was standing guard so we didn’t get a chance to tag it but there is always later.  it was only a day old and was still trying to get its legs under him.  he was fuzzy and wobbly.  the buttercups were so pretty and the mountains were incredible so i took lots of pictures.

5-4-13 471 5-4-13 474 5-4-13 475 5-4-13 476 5-4-13 477 5-4-13 479 5-4-13 480 5-4-13 482 5-4-13 483 5-4-13 484 5-4-13 485 5-4-13 488 5-4-13 489 5-4-13 490 5-4-13 492 5-4-13 493 5-4-13 494 5-4-13 504 5-4-13 505 5-4-13 506 5-4-13 516 5-4-13 522 5-4-13 523 5-4-13 527 5-4-13 529 5-4-13 531 5-4-13 538 5-4-13 539 5-4-13 540 5-4-13 541 5-4-13 545 5-4-13 547 5-4-13 552 5-4-13 561 5-4-13 571 5-4-13 578 5-4-13 580 5-4-13 591 5-4-13 594 5-4-13 600 5-4-13 604 5-4-13 609

(it makes all the difference in the world to be able to take as many pictures in the world and not have to worry about paying to develop them).

youth filled weekend

so this past weekend we were busy with youth activities!

friday night we went to the performing arts center to watch the greeneville high school choir give their last concert of the school year.  i was glad we were able to go because they recognized the seniors.  we were able to see austin and jantzen get recognized and that was nice.  we also got to see cleo, wyatt, and holden perform.  we were also shocked to see that mark was in the choir as well.  it was a great event to see our talented youth performing.

saturday we braved the cold wing and went to see jake play baseball in a tournament.  i finally got my coke at a baseball game (but kind of wish i would have gotten a hot chocolate).  it made me sad that we weren’t able to get to more games to see him play…but it was great to see him as a leader on the field (like he is at youth).

sunday was senior sunday and all of the seniors were honored at the church in a beautiful service with a wonderful lunch afterwards.  we also went to dinner with some of the youth that weren’t busy sunday night.  it makes me sad that we weren’t able to be with them longer and that they are all graduating.


i am so proud of all of them.

done testing…

ok sorry about the “test” post.  i got a message from wordpress that my storage was almost full so i was testing what exactly that meant.  it means that i can delete pictures from my library and they stay in the post…but if you click on the picture and try to make it bigger it won’t let you.

all that to say…if i post a picture and you want to see if bigger and it won’t allow you (gives you an error message).  please let me know and i will email it to you so that you can see it bigger!

now we can get on with the rest of our lives….


this is a test post so just ignore it.

billcamera 001

this is a picture of a couch…..

(thrilling i know).

friends:old and new and not real

as i have said before…one of the hardest things about moving is the people you leave behind.  as much as you want to talk to them as much as you did when you lived in the same town sometimes you can’t.  i am lucky that i have some of the best friends in the world.  they are friends that i have had for years and it seems like there is no amount of space or time that can hinder that friendship.  one of the greatest things about great/true/real friends is that if 5 minutes or 5 weeks goes by the conversation picks right back up and you don’t have to worry about hurt feelings because there was space.  you don’t have to worry that they are mad because they haven’t called you and you know that they aren’t wondering if you are mad at them because you haven’t had contact.  i am so lucky (and frankly blessed) that i have friends like that.


this past wednesday i was able to talk to carol!  when i got home from work she was on facebook so we chatted a minute when she was like can you talk because i am alone and have 10 minutes to myself.  i called and even though we haven’t talked in person or on the phone since around Christmas it was nice to hear her voice and catch back up.  she was telling me about q-man’s ambulance ride to the hospital and about all the sickness that has been going around.  we talked about work, husbands, family, the weather…basically our life stories up since the last time we talked.  when the car pulled up i knew she had to go finish dinner and so we jumped off the phone almost as quickly as we jumped on it.  no hard feelings because of the short call – just an understanding that life sometimes does that.  there is no point in being upset at it because if we were we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the time we did get to talk.  **side note** pray for little man to get to feeling better and that the last 6 weeks of school go great for her.

as soon as i hung up the phone from talking to her katie called.  i was so excited to tell her that we would be able to be at her graduation in a few weeks and that it would be great to see everyone!  we talked for a while and it was almost like old times when we would talk about everything and nothing all at the same time.  it was a little depressing when we both vocalized that we aren’t as young as we once were…but that is another story for another day (can you tell i don’t want to celebrate my birthday this year….or ever again….nothing seems appealing to being 29).  we need to try to get a pretty weekend for her and chris to come back and visit!

one of the fun things about moving away is meeting new people and making new friends…


(for protection of certain people i will change names and not give too much background information – in other words excuse the vagueness).

there is a person i know that drives me crazy (not a favorite of mine at all) and they know someone – we shall call this person APF (annoying persons friend).  i always wrote off APF because of who they associated with because i didn’t have time for that annoying person and knew if i was APF’s friend i would have to deal with the other (and honestly because i thought that if APF was the annoying person’s friend they wouldn’t be much better).  following me yet?  anyways annoying person was mean to APF and after a while i decided to go out on a limb and contact APF and say i am sorry but annoying person is stupid.  we talked through email and i couldn’t help but think that this person is actually really cool and really nice and i would have reached out earlier had i known.  we have emailed back and forth and it has been eye-opening.  it is a reminder to not judge someone by who they associate with (because they could be not annoying at all).


i will admit that i get attached to certain tv shows.  i know that the characters aren’t real and that the people playing them are acting.

let me state again that i know that the shows i watch are make believe…

but…i love them.  i love the shows that i watch and the characters and the writing on the shows which makes the characters become my friends!  i get so invested in their fake lives and i get so invested in the shows that sometimes i think wow – we could be friends they are so cool.  i think that is the difference in good show writing and bad show writing:  when you love or sometimes hate a character but you feel so invested and full of emotion towards that character you have done a good job.  so let me tell you about some of my “friends”

revenge – i still love this show.  we are almost done for the season but it has been a wonderfully evil show.  i love emily and am torn between what she should do about telling jack the truth or not.  i am torn about her relationship with aiden and i am torn with if i like victoria or not.  some days i think she just needs a hug.  if you haven’t watched it you have to see it from season 1.  it makes me think i am more sneaky then i am and that i could be vengeful if i wanted to be.

ncis – i love ncis.  i mean really love ncis.  i mean i feel like i know the characters so much that i could pack a bag and go to work with them and fit right in.  i love all of the characters on the show and am scared because ziva could be off the show next season.  two more weeks and the show will be over until next fall.  i love how they play with the viewers emotions when it comes to the relationship of tony and ziva and i love that gibbs is the father figure of the office and that abby is crazy and that mcgee is raw-ly human (is that a word?) and ducky is oblivious to other people and their time tables.  i feel sad when the credits roll after the hour of watching it.  i want them to come back and answer my questions.

i still watch ncis la, castle, and bones but i don’t feel as connected with the characters or story lines so i don’t get sad when i miss an episode.

rookie blue returns may 23rd (my summer show) and i am so excited i can barely sleep – ok i lied i can sleep but i really love my bed and it is so comfortable – but i am really excited to see what they do this season.  i can’t wait to see my “friends” and see what they have been up to.

i am willing to share my friends if you are bored you should check them out!


otis loves apples and the other day he got to gum one to death….

4-38-13 231 4-38-13 232 4-38-13 233 4-38-13 236 4-38-13 237

wait until he realizes that i found some “snack packs” with apples AND peanut butter!  he will be sooo excited but he won’t be able to eat them in the den on the carpet!


this past sunday night we talked about music at church.  what is music vs noise?  can music to me be noise to someone else and vice versa?  what could be God’s music (rain, thunder, ocean waves, birds etc)?  how often do we listen to God’s music?

we started out with a drum circle…which as much as i resisted it i will admit (hesitantly) that is was really neat.  then each youth got to share two minutes of a song from their phone or ipod with the group and share what it means to them.  there is something about opening up your musical taste with other people and putting your feelings and selection of music on the line.  it was awesome that the youth were willing to play “their” music and not worry about what other people thought.  i heard several songs that i had not heard before and andy is going to add them to our ipod.  it was a wide range of music and no one made fun of anyone’s song choice.  no one laughed.  i looked around and people had their heads down (some eyes closed) feet taping, legs twitching, fingers drumming really listening to the songs and listening to what the songs meant to the individual and if it meant anything to the people listening.

we talked a little bit about language in songs and if it is appropriate or not.  we talked about if the artists should have come up with a different words to replace the vulgar ones….it was interesting to hear what the youth said and what a “visiting” mom said.  (and i felt like a bad influence because i think sometimes a song HAS to have those certain vulgar words to create the emotion behind the rest of the lyrics….some nights is the best example for me on this.  the radio version omits on key little word so i never knew that word was in the song and when it was added to my ipod it had that little word it created new emotions and developed an entirely new meaning for me…just the desperation in that one little word…but at least i was honest).

i will try to share the songs that the youth shared so for the first song from music night – one of the youth shared:

Mad World: Gary Jules

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow
And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying
Are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It’s a very, very
Mad World
Mad world
Children waiting for the day they feel good
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
And I feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen
Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me
Hello teacher tell me what’s my lesson
Look right through me, look right through me
And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying
Are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It’s a very, very
Mad World
Mad World
Enlarging your world
Mad World.

it was a “low key Jesus” night (meaning the focus was on the music and the devotion was about 3 minutes out of the entire night) but i feel like sometimes the youth and adults get just as much and sometimes more out of those nights.  when we dismissed for the night one of the youth started playing the piano and we told him to have something for montreat and the talent show….we will see!

weekend adventure

this past weekend we had visitors….not of the alien kind (if you are a sci fi buff).

we have been trying to get erik and maggie and cj to come visit us for some time now and schedules never really worked out together.  a few weeks ago maggie e mailed me with a few dates and we were able to make it happen.  we were so excited!  so we cleaned the house and thought about sleeping arrangements etc.  they said they wanted to stay with us so we got out the roll away bed and bought some fun sheets and bedspreads so that cj would be more excited about sleeping in her own bed (which i think worked for part of the time).  we wanted to get an owl (to go with the theme of the sheets) but couldn’t find one that wasn’t scary so i made one!  i had some fabric that was bright and fun and tested it out.  he isn’t perfect but close enough for a hand-made stuffed animal?  (it is better than the red one that i refused to take pictures of because it looks like a devil that is terminally ill.  we were excited how it turned out.  we also realized that we didn’t have much in ways of entertainment except 2 coloring books and crayons so we went to the store and found a princess ball and some bubbles.

4-38-13 281 4-38-13 282 4-38-13 284 4-38-13 286

when they were on the way into town they picked up pizza and we ate and watched the draft (yay nfl draft).  otis was so excited that he had a little friend to play with.  i was a little worried about cj and otis because the last time they were together otis tried to hug her and knocked her down and scared her.  but they both seemed ok with each other.  after we ate it was still a little light outside and when i went to put the dishes in the sink i noticed that the cows across the street were next to the fence and she wanted to see baby cows so i got her and we walked over there.  some of the cows came right up to the fence to see us.  she was excited and talked to the cows.  she moo’ed at them, said hello, come back, go away, not nice (one was ramming the other in the side), and bye.  she got to see one poop and pee!  it was ever educational i am sure!  when we went in we played with the princess ball and the football and cj squealed and otis howled.  she was talking to otis when we realized that she wasn’t saying his name right.  she was calling him “cotis” (so for the rest of the post otis is now cotis).  we talked and watched the draft and played and we called it a fairly early night.

the next morning we got up and got ready to go to the zoo.  we looked outside and it was raining…but the weather channel said we had a window of time where it wouldn’t be raining.  so we took a gamble and decided to go the zoo.  when we were about to load up i saw that more cows were in the field across the street so i took cj to see the cows again.  we had bojangles for breakfast (yes people we have a bojangles now) and started the trip to the zoo.  we had a good time in the car talking and riding (well i couldn’t hear a lot of the conversation but i was flashing back to when we used to go places in the jeep).  we got to the zoo and it was sprinkling but not too bad so we put on our rain coats and went to find some animals.  we had a blast.  despite the rain we saw a lot of the animals.  i volunteered andy to ride the camel with cj but she said nope.  we saw a bear, penguins, huge elephant, baboons, lions, camels, giraffes, an owl, apes, chimps, red pandas, a rhino that ran, gazel like animals, and lots of birds.  we didn’t get all the way around the zoo because when we were looking at george the chimp it started raining like crazy and we went back to the kid zone.  cj got to pet a bunny.

4-38-13 322 4-38-13 323 4-38-13 324 4-38-13 325 4-38-13 326 4-38-13 328 4-38-13 329 4-38-13 330 4-38-13 332 4-38-13 333 4-38-13 334 4-38-13 335 4-38-13 338 4-38-13 339 4-38-13 340 4-38-13 341 4-38-13 344 4-38-13 345 4-38-13 348 4-38-13 349 4-38-13 350 4-38-13 351 4-38-13 352 4-38-13 353 4-38-13 354 4-38-13 356 4-38-13 357 4-38-13 358 4-38-13 359 4-38-13 360 4-38-13 361 4-38-13 362 4-38-13 363 4-38-13 364 4-38-13 365 4-38-13 366 4-38-13 368 4-38-13 369 4-38-13 370 4-38-13 371 4-38-13 373 4-38-13 374 4-38-13 376 4-38-13 377

4-38-13 379 4-38-13 380 4-38-13 381 4-38-13 383 4-38-13 384 4-38-13 385 4-38-13 386 4-38-13 387 4-38-13 388 4-38-13 390 4-38-13 392 4-38-13 394 4-38-13 395 4-38-13 397 4-38-13 398 4-38-13 400 4-38-13 402 4-38-13 403 4-38-13 404 4-38-13 405 4-38-13 406 4-38-13 407 4-38-13 408 4-38-13 409 4-38-13 410 4-38-13 413 4-38-13 414 4-38-13 416 4-38-13 343

after that erik looked on his phone and saw that the rain was just starting so we decided to call it a day and leave.  (the awesome thing with the knoxville zoo is they have a rainy day policy and if you don’t get to see everything they give you passes – so they all got a pass for another day).  in the gift shop cj wanted a tye dyed penguin and an elephant so andy and i bought it for her.  she carried them to the counter and put them up there and carried them back to her stroller one they were purchased.  we went to cracker barrel for lunch and back to greeneville.  it was still raining so we drove around a little bit and stopped by the green house.  my feet were cold and wet so we didn’t stay too long.  when we got home we played some more and just chilled around the house.  cj taught andy all about the princess ball and the shapes on it and we played catch.  we went to dinner at fats and when we got home it was more talking and sleep!

when we got up on sunday otis went and got in bed with cj and erik got a picture of her and cotis snuggling a little bit.

cj and cotis

we went to church.  we tried to get cj to go up for children’s message but she didn’t want to.  she did climb on my lap and watch andy while he was up there.  before the sermon we went to the nursery and played.  when we got home we played some more and she wanted to watch cotis.  she wanted him to get in his crate but he wouldn’t and he wanted to share her apple so he stalked her around the house.  she did some more squealing and he did a lot more howling.  maggie, erik, and i were able to talk a little more before they had to hit the road.  we were able to try to get some pics of cotis and his bff before they left (cotis didn’t do well…he was too focused on the treat erik was holding and then he stepped on cj’s hand – so that ended the photo attempts).  she wanted to kiss him bye but he didn’t want her so they went round and round until it was decided she should just blow him kisses.

4-38-13 420 4-38-13 421 4-38-13 422 4-38-13 423 4-38-13 425 4-38-13 426 4-38-13 427

we were so glad that they came to visit and were able to spend time with us.  we hope that they will all be able to come back soon and we told them if they ever needed a weekend, we could take cj and see more baby cows!  we hate that the weather was nasty, but it was still a great visit!  (cotis slept for 2 days after they left).