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my “tv” friends

i like my shows…so what!?!

i have said before that i love my shows and my “friends” from those shows.  just a quick update on what we are watching in this house.

of course we watch football.  the cooler it gets outside the more i want to watch because to me cool weather = football watching.  the only negative is andy isn’t doing so well with his fantasy football team.  (so sad i know).

i sneak away from football sunday night to watch revenge.  i still love that show.  i am a little concerned how it will be able to survive another season.  i fear that they are about to run out of things that they can write about (and not make it to hokey).  i think that the writing up until this point has been unbelievable.  it is creative and done in a unique way.  i think that the plots have all been strong and people die that you don’t expect.  i am excited to see how things play out since the first episode leaves us wondering if Emily lives or dies.

we watch castle and bones (most of the time).  i have gradually lost interest in these shows…i don’t know if it is because the plot changes or because of the writing (or maybe because i have gained a touch of a life and don’t need those friends as much).  i do still enjoy them when i catch them.

i am a diehard fan of ncis and ncis la.  i was devastated that ziva left but at least she isn’t dead…so there is still hope!  i enjoy the writing and the characters and plots.  for Christmas last year andy got me a “bert” from the show and he sits on the couch with me Tuesday nights when we watch ncis and ncis la!  can’t wait to see what happens with everyone the rest of the season.

if we are home we watch duck dynasty and modern family and the middle.  they are all light hearted and funny and make us laugh.

i am glad that my fall shows started back but was sad that rookie blue is off until next may.  we were left with a lot of unanswered situations and i am so anxious about what the writers have in store for us next season!

what shows are you obsessed with?  i know i am not the only one!

random little nuggets

I keep a running list of things I want to blog about….not that I can always find that list and not that I always use it…but I have a list.

this post is about some of those little nuggets that don’t really need their own post.

  1. little rock: we dodged a bullet there.  at the time it seemed like a great idea to move to Arkansas but we have been talking a lot recently about places we have been and where we thought we were headed and we both agree that we dodged a bullet by not going to little rock.  I think I can honestly say that I would have been miserable and thankfully we never loaded up the u haul and moved!
  2. computer clean up.  I have a mini laptop (so it is not meant to house a ton of pictures and videos) and my storage is running low and my computer is running slow.  (a little rhyme maybe?)  anyways…I have been in the process of “organizing” my photos so that I can easily transfer them to an external hard drive and hopefully that will solve the running slow issue and I will be able to store it in a safe place in case of mother nature or stupid mean people that could potentially break in.  on night it was late and i had been working for a few hours and went to stop for the night and DELETED all of my photos…ALL of them.  i dealt with it like any normal mature adult and started sobbing.  not the cute tears welled in my eyes threatening to spill over my eye lids but the ugly crying with snot bubbling and incoherent shrilling.  andy came to my rescue and restored them.  i decided i needed to just go to bed (andy i only work a few minutes at a time so i don’t get tired and stupid).
  3. while doing the computer clean up i found several attempts of some photos that i took of jasper on the windshield.  it made me laugh.  i remembered sitting in the kubota taking the pictures (there had to be about 15 of them).  all of them taken the same distance from jasper…all of them same lighting…all of them the same angle…all of them the same perspective…all of them the same view….each and every single one of them blurry.  i would take the picture look at it and sigh and try again.  it made me thing of the saying: insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (Einstein).  proof that maybe i am a little insane….?
  4. we got Otis a lobster costume for Halloween (and when i say we i mean that i pestered andy in the store for one and to prevent a scene he caved).  it was too small and andy refused to get a bigger size (i think it was premeditated)!  (so you can officially blame andy for a lack of AWESOME photos of Otis as a lobster).

so there you have it.  now you will be able to sleep tonight.

furry happiness

we go to the farm to feed animals i have stated before that it is more for my benefit then it is for theirs.  they can eat grass and be happy with that, but who doesn’t want a little treat every now and then.  it doesn’t matter how bad of a day that i have had going to see the animals and ride around makes me happy.  some people go to happy hour and have liquid happiness i go to the farm for furry happiness.

i have enjoyed being able to go see the mountains and have enjoyed being “responsible” for animals.  pancake has come such a long way.  do i trust him yet – not at all, but i feel a lot more comfortable around him and he does me too.  i can now put my forehead on his and he crosses his eyes and looks at me but doesn’t jerk away like he has been shot.  he has gotten to the point where he always wants to run to us.  which is awesome but a little scary when he is flying down a hill and you are at the bottom. pancake also does this thing where he will just stick out his tongue after eating!

DSCN6324 DSCN6306 DSCN6317

pancake has always had personality (which was evident when he tried to take dad out and escape the horse trailer) but it is really starting to show in a fun way.  he loves treats.  sometimes he gets really excited and tries to eat your hand with them but he responds to ouch and stop and a firm hand on the forehead.  he tries to steal other animals treats also.  he also loves the camera.  i will get the camera out and he comes to see it.  he wants to smell it and lick it and see if it is a treat.  he loves having his picture taken even if it mean photobombing another picture!

DSCN6394 DSCN6395 DSCN6396 DSCN6400 DSCN6401 DSCN6404 DSCN6408 DSCN6440

he still gets antsy around the horses but has gotten more bold and will come around them.  i recently learned that he slurps his water.  he will put his lips in a bucket of water and uses his lips like they are his personal straw.  it is really funny but could be a little annoying if he did it all the time around me.  (the horses also drink this way too).

DSCN6833 DSCN6838 DSCN6847

now that the weather is getting cooler all the animals are feeling a little frisky.  pancake is running circles around us and jack.  jack has gotten a lot more mobile since pancake has come to live at the farm.  jack runs and kicks and makes a weird heehaw noise.  it is a little more like a screech noise but still gets the point across.  jack also gets excited about treats.  he doesn’t bite as much as he lips.  he will take the treat from me but my hand ends up in his lips.  he really loves the caramel treats that we recently got.

DSCN6384 DSCN6309

argyle is growing up so much.  we put the halter on his….and he lost it.  we are still looking in brush and on limbs to see where he got it caught..  he is almost taller than me.  he is fuzzy (with his baby/winter coat).  he loves for his butt to be rubbed.  he will let me rub his head and neck and then he turns so that we can get to his back and butt.  he also will still rub/lean up against me like a big dog.  he loves attention and treats and is getting a lot more bold with the big horses.

DSCN6299 DSCN6332 DSCN6422 DSCN6424 DSCN6434 DSCN6435 DSCN6436 DSCN6441 DSCN6879

the other horses are still crazy.  they love treats and being bullies to the other animals.  flag is getting a lot nicer and actually will listen to me (well sort of).  abbey and penny are still a little jumpy and bossy but they are sweet and get treats too.

DSCN6875 DSCN6876 DSCN6877

dinozzo…he is getting big!

DSCN6366 DSCN6369 DSCN6373 DSCN6824

we love to take my camera (in part for the animals but also for the mountains).  you never know what you will capture.  (all of the pictures are from the last several weeks).


my dose of furry happiness.


i have been working on several quilting projects trying to get some taken care of.

the first was for ellen (our niece).  i made one for her sister before she was born so i wanted to make one for her too.  i found a different type pattern that i have never used before and tried it out.  it consist of all different types of materials.  (i like to make slightly larger quilts for babies and kids so that the kid can use it as it gets older).  the prototype that i saw was of a normal crib sized blanket and was so beautiful and didn’t have any fabrics that repeated but since i was making it larger and it needed more fabric i had to use repeating squares.  even though i loved the look of each fabric used only once i have to say this one turned out just as pretty as the one on-line.

DSCN6738 DSCN6739 DSCN6740 DSCN6741 DSCN6742

another was for my bosses baby.  (who was born yesterday 10-16-13 and unfortunately she didn’t name him after otis even though their birthdays are only a day apart).  i used just a square pattern with the cutest dinosaurs on it.  she did the nursery in a deer pattern and i wanted deer for the quilt but the only deer fabric i found andy said it was too “old man cabin” instead of baby.  so dinosaurs was the closest thing to what i wanted.  i knew i wanted to do the quilt in browns and greens because i knew that would match the nursery a little better.

DSCN5744 DSCN5745 DSCN5746 DSCN5747

at work ashley, one of my coworkers, emailed me a picture and asked if i could do a specific pattern.  it was a zig zag and i freaked out inside a little bit.  i told her i would have to practice and found some left over material and andy helped me make a pattern and i was surprisingly able to do it!  so i had this started prototype of a quilt i had no idea what to do with it because it wasn’t big enough for a normal quilt.  we found out my cousin’s girlfriend is having a baby (his name will be logan) so i decided to use the zig zag (navy and cream) on the front and do something green on the back to make it colorful and fun (because i wanted to quilt with bright green thread).  the only thing i could find that i was remotely happy with was the dinosaurs.  i was excited to see it come together and that i could do something other than square shapes.

DSCN6774 DSCN6775 DSCN6776

i haven’t completed this last project…and i am not sure when i will.  but i have been working on the massive quilt of mine and andy’s that has our tee shirts and things in it.  (it has hats, bags, shirts, pants and other materials from our past).  i haven’t seen it in a long time (since i pieced it long before we moved) and when we took it to the church to pin it i was amazed at some of the things that were in there.  (once i get it done i will post and explain some of the coolest pieces).  all i have to do is quilt it (and because of the size i am going to do straight lines a few feet apart so that i don’t have to maneuver it very much) and put the binding on it.  i am still thinking about what color to use.  i have so many scraps from all of the other blankets that i am thinking about piecing the binding as well so that it will be true to the rest of the quilt.

i am in the process of thinking about a few other quilts but i want to finish these first and see what else i can get done project wise (i have some ideas for wall art that i have put on hold for a while).

based on a lie

so they say that marriages based on truth and communication will last.  i heard that in our marriage counseling classes before we got married and i have heard it from friends that were married before us.  i heard it from people who experienced failed marriages.  trust.  that is the foundation for a happy and healthy marriage.  so in our marriage we have really strived to be honest with each other.  up front with what we are thinking and feeling.  we try not to sugar coat things so that the truth can be accepted as what it is and interpreted as what the other means which prevents trying to decipher if there are hidden meanings.  i feel like we have done a wonderful job with this.  sometimes we say things and they might sting a little bit, but in the end we (i will take this time to speak for andy…hopefully i am right and he feels the same way) take what the other says to heart and after reflecting on it we are able to see that the other person wasn’t trying to be intentionally mean but instead was trying to be clear and honest.  it is something that has worked well in our relationship and marriage and then i found out our marriage was based on a lie…

we were talking and after some wild tangent (i am sure) we started talking about our wedding and that progressed into our colors – black and blue.  i knew for a long time that i wanted our wedding to be simple yet elegant and i wanted that theme to radiate throughout the day.  i knew i wanted to use my favorite colors and that they would play right into it.  blue and black.  i will add here that andy was on board for pretty much whatever.  he was very hands on during the entire process and never really questioned my desire for black and blue.  he was on board.  i remember one of the first things people would ask me about was the colors.  i would tell the person black and blue and would get a funny look and would be asked what shade of blue?!  i guess because there are so many different shades of blue people wanted to know exactly what shade so i started answering black and blue – smurf blue.  that seemed to make people happy.  at some point in time i heard andy tell someone that our colors were black and panther blue.  my thought was that for people who lived around here that was a good description of the color and people would know exactly what shade that was (esp. going into stores looking for that specific shade of ribbon, ties, candles, bags, etc).  it just became part of our wedding planning to toss in panther blue.  it offered clarity to others and eliminated further questions and responses.

_DSC00631 _HJG4848 _HJG5059 _HJG5245 _HJG5253 _HJG5254

i am now learning (after years of blissful marriage) that andy really thought our wedding colors were black and panther blue (because of the panthers – not because that was the best way to describe that shade of blue).  our marriage started out based on a lie.

are we doomed because our circle of trust and honesty is broken?  was it just a misunderstanding and we will be ok?  will we need therapy to undo what has been done?  does this start the beginning of a battle that will last for years over who interpreted our colors correctly?


questions questions questions…..

ellen virginia

9-26-13: welcome to the world niece elle!


kellie pickler

the funny thing about kellie pickler is that at a high school kick off party my parents rolled up in dads midlife crisis their motor home and i announced that their final surprise was there – kellie pickler.  they didn’t believe me (i guess i lie joke around too much) so i went across the street opened the door yelled kellie to my parents and the kids believe me then (until they saw my mom and i told them i was mean for doing that).

fast forward a week or so and we got tickets to go see kellie pickler!  it was jack, betsy, mom, dad, andy, and myself (with several other people from town).  we sat in the balcony and there were few other people up there so it was nice to be able to spread out.  i have been to a lot of concerts but this was a one of a kind concert.  i am used to outside lawn seats and crazy arenas where you don’t sit down the entire time, but this one we sat the entire time.  it was weird – but in a good way.  also i felt like kellie talked more between songs then any other concert i have been to.  she gave a lot of history on the songs and that was really awesome.  she sang beautifully and was so funny.  she interacted with the audience talking to specific people and because of the venue those people could be heard.  it was unique.  she kept drinking out of a red solo cup (which she assured us was apple juice – but let it slip that it wasn’t really apple juice).  her band was so unbelievable talented!  before her last song she announced that she would do a meet and greet after the show.  we got in line and waited.  i am so glad that we did.

DSCN6454 DSCN6484 DSCN6497 DSCN6498 DSCN6505 DSCN6517 DSCN6518 DSCN6526 DSCN6536 DSCN6538 DSCN6545 DSCN6548 DSCN6550 DSCN6561 DSCN6571 DSCN6605 DSCN6610

while we were in line we talked about what we would say when we got up there and i said that i might mention mint hill and andy was like i bet she hasn’t heard of mint hill.  so we went back and forth about it and when we got to her she settled an argument between me and andy.  i won.  she knew mint hill and we talked to her for about 15 minutes.  i am sure the people in the back of the line were thrilled with us…but it was amazing.  she was signing a photo for us and wrote 2012 and i pointed it out and she cussed and her pr person freaked out.  it was so funny.  i have always heard that she is really sweet and down to earth and meeting her really emphasized how true that is.

DSCN6626 (2)

the pickler rocks!

the return of jasper

so a while ago i posted about jasper my cricket (conscience) and how he went to the gas station and work with me.  it has been so funny because i have seen so many crickets since posting that.  some have been on the windshield and some have just been around and they catch my eye.  a day or two after that post andy and i were riding around on the farm (after feeding the animals) and a cricket jumped on the rtv windshield.  i laughed and said look it is jasper (i had to explain who jasper was since andy doesn’t read the blog) and he laughed (i believe it was a curtsy laugh and i believe there was a little bit of eye rolling in there too).  a little bit later (maybe 2 minutes) a stink bug landed on the windshield.

***side note: i am so very over stink bugs they are everywhere and are on my nerves.  i wish they would go away. ***

so andy was like oh you must be mean or are having mean thoughts since your conscience has changed into a stink bug.  i laughed and thought if that were true maybe a rattle snake would be on the windshield….

for the past several weeks i have been seeing jasper everywhere.  he has been on the porch, at the farm, on the sidewalk at work.  it seems like jasper shows us at the most random times but at funny times.  a lot of times if i am thinking something mean i will catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye and there will be jasper just shaking his head at me.  his presence makes me evaluate what i am thinking about (sometimes giving me a change to revoke those mean thoughts and practice patience/compassion/understanding).  i am not going to lie and say that i immediately change my line of thinking or anything like that…but it makes me evaluate it (and sometimes that is a step in the right direction).  sometimes when i am waiting on andy to pick me up at work (standing on the sidewalk like an 8th grader waiting on their mom at the movie theater friday night) one will jump by and i will think of how i am not alone on that sidewalk…i am never alone – i have jasper.


i am not sure if this was the intended purpose of my blog…but it has shown me how terrible i am at trying to blog and keeping my brain focused.  i have been really evaluating my purpose with this blog.  i look at some of my favorite blogs (friends and unknown people) and i have been trying to figure it all out.  one friend blogs about food and recipes (she is an amazing writer and inserts stories that make her recipes even better).  several are health related (about the illnesses that the different subjects go through).  some are about journeys of bringing home a child from another country (adoption).  some are just about the rants of daily living and updates on life.

so i have been trying to decide what is my purpose?  do i have one?  in the beginning my purpose was shockingly still very fuzzy.  i wanted to have a place to “journal” big things that were happening (if you recall that was when we thought we might be moving to arkansas) and so it was the start of keeping a records for myself on what was going on.  then i started thinking it would be a great place for family and friends to be kept in the loop so if it was a semi generic question they could check the blog and see if they could find an answer.  once i had that great thought and typed an e mail to friends and family to say look at this awesome blog i realized that i didn’t think it was awesome.  i was self conscious about my writing and about my topics and about just everything involved so i deleted that email and decided to hide the blog and go back to just a journal.  when we moved to tn i shared the blog with a few people who i knew wouldn’t make fun of me and went from there.  my confidence built a tad to where i shared with a few more people and even still it hasn’t been shared with some friends and family because i still am so very self conscious.  i feel like things that i am blogging about are pointless and not worthy of anyone to take time out and read (i mean my husband doesn’t even read my blog so if he doesn’t it must be a waste of time right?).

this leads me to my original thought about this post…what is the purpose?  why should i or shouldn’t i blog?  what do people care enough about to want to read?  after weeks of contemplating just letting the idea of blogging go (because let’s be honest i am not the best at remembering to blog or the best at content – at best i am mediocre in everything blog related) i have decided that maybe once in my life something doesn’t really need a purpose.  maybe for once i can not have something so planned out to where i am disappointed if it falls through.

so in conclusion this blog has no purpose.  it is a place where i can get on my soapbox and rant and don’t have to worry about falling off.  a place where i can post random pictures and talk about the farm and anything else.  a place i can wish people (who may or may not ever see this) a happy birthday or a congratulations or get well.  a place that is mine.  a place that i hope to one day – even without a purpose – it will make a difference to someone.