i have been working on several quilting projects trying to get some taken care of.

the first was for ellen (our niece).  i made one for her sister before she was born so i wanted to make one for her too.  i found a different type pattern that i have never used before and tried it out.  it consist of all different types of materials.  (i like to make slightly larger quilts for babies and kids so that the kid can use it as it gets older).  the prototype that i saw was of a normal crib sized blanket and was so beautiful and didn’t have any fabrics that repeated but since i was making it larger and it needed more fabric i had to use repeating squares.  even though i loved the look of each fabric used only once i have to say this one turned out just as pretty as the one on-line.

DSCN6738 DSCN6739 DSCN6740 DSCN6741 DSCN6742

another was for my bosses baby.  (who was born yesterday 10-16-13 and unfortunately she didn’t name him after otis even though their birthdays are only a day apart).  i used just a square pattern with the cutest dinosaurs on it.  she did the nursery in a deer pattern and i wanted deer for the quilt but the only deer fabric i found andy said it was too “old man cabin” instead of baby.  so dinosaurs was the closest thing to what i wanted.  i knew i wanted to do the quilt in browns and greens because i knew that would match the nursery a little better.

DSCN5744 DSCN5745 DSCN5746 DSCN5747

at work ashley, one of my coworkers, emailed me a picture and asked if i could do a specific pattern.  it was a zig zag and i freaked out inside a little bit.  i told her i would have to practice and found some left over material and andy helped me make a pattern and i was surprisingly able to do it!  so i had this started prototype of a quilt i had no idea what to do with it because it wasn’t big enough for a normal quilt.  we found out my cousin’s girlfriend is having a baby (his name will be logan) so i decided to use the zig zag (navy and cream) on the front and do something green on the back to make it colorful and fun (because i wanted to quilt with bright green thread).  the only thing i could find that i was remotely happy with was the dinosaurs.  i was excited to see it come together and that i could do something other than square shapes.

DSCN6774 DSCN6775 DSCN6776

i haven’t completed this last project…and i am not sure when i will.  but i have been working on the massive quilt of mine and andy’s that has our tee shirts and things in it.  (it has hats, bags, shirts, pants and other materials from our past).  i haven’t seen it in a long time (since i pieced it long before we moved) and when we took it to the church to pin it i was amazed at some of the things that were in there.  (once i get it done i will post and explain some of the coolest pieces).  all i have to do is quilt it (and because of the size i am going to do straight lines a few feet apart so that i don’t have to maneuver it very much) and put the binding on it.  i am still thinking about what color to use.  i have so many scraps from all of the other blankets that i am thinking about piecing the binding as well so that it will be true to the rest of the quilt.

i am in the process of thinking about a few other quilts but i want to finish these first and see what else i can get done project wise (i have some ideas for wall art that i have put on hold for a while).

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