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hey hey hey a farm photo post

this past weekend me and mom were farmers.  we went to the farm to feed the animals and ended up herding cows.  we didn’t get them where we wanted them…but we tried and will try again.

we have been trying to get to the farm a lot but with the cold weather and it getting dark so early it has been rough getting out there.  i will say when we do go it makes me so happy to be with the furry animals.

now for some pictures (most of these are from feb with some from last weekend).

new resident

new resident

DSCN8670 DSCN8669 DSCN8666 DSCN8662 DSCN8660 DSCN8659 DSCN8652 DSCN8651 DSCN8649 DSCN8536 DSCN8535 DSCN8534 DSCN8532 DSCN8507 DSCN8504 DSCN8502 DSCN8501

amazing sky.

amazing sky.

DSCN8495 DSCN8494

debating on nibbling the camera.

debating on nibbling the camera.


a man and his horse.  (we got him so far before he got spooked and ran back to his mom)

a man and his horse. (we got him so far before he got spooked and ran back to his mom)

DSCN8479 DSCN8475 DSCN8474 DSCN8471

my buddy coming to see me.

my buddy coming to see me.

DSCN8459 DSCN8458 DSCN8457

moving the horses to a different field.

moving the horses to a different field.

DSCN8449 DSCN8539 DSCN8374

me and andy on "our" hill.

me and andy on “our” hill.

DSCN8436 DSCN8434

sometimes it frustrates me that the camera doesn't capture as good as real life.

sometimes it frustrates me that the camera doesn’t capture as good as real life.


breath taking views

breath taking views

always looking for a treat

always looking for a treat


jack is fun to take pictures of because he reminds me of eeyore.

jack is fun to take pictures of because he reminds me of eeyore.


hold me

hold me

silly boys (notice pancake sticking out his tongue)

silly boys (notice pancake sticking out his tongue)


jack and pancake (notice how jack is listening for pancake to attack)

jack and pancake (notice how jack is listening for pancake to attack)

argyle growing up

argyle growing up

andy and the furries

andy and the furries


poor jack looks fluffy

poor jack looks fluffy


it is time to work the cattle which means shots, vaccines, and new tags.  that is why they are in the barn, but fear not they will be turned out again soon and will be back to eating grass and mooing.

a tractor, a limb, and a farmer…

what might sound like the beginning of either the best joke in the world or the worst is a story worth telling…

let me warn you by saying some of the photos are a little graphic and not for the really weak stomach.  (andy was able to look at them so most people should be fine other than the GROSS comment when you see them).

also as a side note with my family we joke a lot.  sometimes I think it is to eliminate awkward moments and to ease tension but this is how we deal with stressful situations so don’t judge me…

on march 8th andy and I had plans to go to Kingsport to do some shopping and so that andy could get his hair cut.  we decided at the last-minute to go to the farm and check on my babies.  on the way to the farm we pass my grandmother’s house and as we did we saw a tractor with the bucket lifted all the way up and a man standing in the bucket with a chainsaw.  there were several men on the ground holding a rope that was attached to a limb.  I did a double take and told andy to pull in because it was my dad.  (this is the don’t judge me part – because I really do feel bad I made these comments) I told him to pull in so that I could get a picture for life insurance policy proof.  we chuckled and missed the drive way.  we decided to go on to the farm but something inside me (and andy confirmed in him too) said to turn around and go back.  we made a loop and went through a field and I made a second comment that I didn’t see him in the bucket and I hoped that he didn’t fall out.  we pulled into the driveway and a guy came running over to us saying we needed to pull the car over to the group of people because someone broke something.  I walked over and andy drove over and we found my dad leaning against the tractor holding his boot, with scratches on his neck.  we loaded him up and went to the er.  we got him checked in and made him pose for pictures with his arm band.  (he still looks like trouble even waiting on the er).

dad hospital

DSCN8585 DSCN8586

the good news is that he thought he broke his ankle.  he didn’t.  but the bad news is he crushed his heel.  they splinted it and told him to get an appt when he got back home to see a surgeon.  the next morning he noticed blisters.

dad foot 1

(gross I know).  he went to the er when he got back home and they re-wrapped it and scolded my parents for unwrapping it to begin with.  they got an appt with a surgeon that does ankles and heels and was told they needed to see someone who only does heels and ankles.  they finally got in with the right doctor and he was not happy.  he stated that this type of injury needs to be taken to surgery within 48 hours of it happening.  and they were almost 3 weeks out.

dad foot

just gets better and better doesn’t it?!  after much discussion they decided not to risk surgery since it was a little late to be doing it.  the road to recovery will be long but it is what it is.  they had to cancel going to Bristol and going to fl but dad is doing good on his crutches and his scooter.  he is adapting to being non weight baring for 2 entire months and maybe more.  he is thankful that his new chainsaw didn’t get hurt when he had the forethought to toss it away from everyone when he was knocked out.  we are thankful that he wasn’t hurt worse (and that we have some gross pictures to share).

so when a farmer is in a tractor and gets knocked out by a limb…the important part to pass on to all of your family and friends is that a heel injury is not the same as a normal broken bone.  if you ever have one of those injuries as them to call in a consult for a heel specialist.  don’t let them send you away with the standard answer of swelling has to go down for surgery!

an aging gee

Otis is getting old.  there is no sugar-coating it but Otis is getting old.  he sleeps more now and he has less bursts of energy.  he acts grumpy most of the time.  he comes to life when my parents get here and he pays the price when they leave.  he spent on of his days chasing the robot vacuum cleaner…

DSCN7979 DSCN7980

and the next day he was so sore he had to sleep on a pallet in the living room.  let me say I know that he is spoiled but he sat in front of me and he whimpered and whimpered until I couldn’t stand it anymore.  he wouldn’t let us pick him up and he wouldn’t jump so I made a soft bed for him to chill on.  we know he has arthritis and so we give him a fish oil and that seems to help.

DSCN7983 DSCN7984 DSCN7986 DSCN7988 DSCN7989

right now Otis is still feeling sick.  he has a swollen toe.  he is on antibiotics in hopes that it is just an infection.  he has 4 days left and we hope that it will help.  if not it means that we will have to talk about amputation if it is a tumor or anything like that.

we love Otis so much and it makes us both sad that he is getting older and slower but he is still so snuggly and our sweet gee.

all about bob…well claire

almost 10 years ago I met one of my best friends at queens university.  it was a nutrition class and we had to work on a group project together.  after that project study groups formed and a tremendous friendship started.  we have been through some ups and downs together with each of us.  she was a part of my wedding and I helped her though a rough relationship.  we have talked about family issues and have been there through losses.  we have each others back.  after her failed relationship we would go to dinner and I would ask her about dating.  she would say nope and I am never getting married.  one day things changed.  she came to dinner and talked about bob.  the more and more we talked on the phone or went to dinner the more and more she talked about bob.  she talked about meeting his family and him meeting hers and she was happy.  I was honored to be apart of her wedding to bob 3-15-14.

first we had a bachelorette party at folly beach/Charleston.  it was the first time I got to meet the other bridesmaids.  it was a blast even if it did rain most of the weekend.

DSCN8097 DSCN8101 DSCN8102 DSCN8104 DSCN8106 DSCN8108

I was able to take a few days off the week of the wedding.  on the Thursday before the wedding andy and I went to the farm and helped get some decorating done and hung out with bob and Claire.  on Friday we went to the rehearsal and to dinner and I spent the night with Claire and helped her do her flowers.  we were up until 330 in the morning but we laughed until we cried and snorted.  the day of the wedding we got up and got out hair done and went back to her place and to the farm to finish up the flowers and then it was game time.  she was the most beautiful bride and I couldn’t have been happier for her and bob and they both seemed so happy.  the wedding ceremony was beautiful and the reception was wonderful.  the food was delicious.  it was the perfect march day to have a wedding.

DSCN8611 DSCN8616 DSCN8631 DSCN8633 DSCN8638

for her wedding gift I made her and bob a quilt and used her wedding colors in it.

DSCN8591 DSCN8592 DSCN8594 DSCN8601 DSCN8602

congrats to my bff Claire and her new husband bob on a beautiful wedding and a wonderful start to a brand new adventure.  I love you both!

camera clean up

so part of the reason I am bad at blogging is 1. because my computer is slow and 2. because it takes me forever to get my photos off my camera and get them organized.

something I found that I realized I never posted were some Christmas decoration pictures on our anniversary tree and our last ornaments for year 6.  year 6 was iron and candy.

DSCN7990 DSCN7993 DSCN7995 DSCN7998 DSCN7999

we added a giant kiss and twix bar ornament (the kiss was too heavy for the little tree so it just sat under it).  and for the iron we actually found a little iron and a frying pan.  I painted the frying pan solid black after Christmas and now it looks like a mini cast iron skillet.  I love how our anniversary ornament tree comes together each year and how we get to add something to it each year after celebrating another year of marriage.

amazing co workers

i have been at my new position for over a year now.  what started as a temp position has turned out to be a true blessing.  it was just the other day when we had a crazy and not so great day that I got in the car when andy picked me up and I looked at him and laughed.  he wondered what was funny and I couldn’t help but point out that even a bad day here is still better than a good day where I worked in charlotte.

I love my coworkers.  they are amazing people.  at work and not at work.  we laugh and we work and we have fun doing it.  this past January we were really sad.  Carolyn retired.  she had been such a great friend when I first got there that I didn’t know what I was going to do without her.  I am glad that she still comes by and visits with us!  I was fortunate that andy and I could go to her retirement party and celebrate with her!

DSCN8072 DSCN8073 DSCN8076 DSCN8080 DSCN8085 DSCN8086 DSCN8089

there is something amazing about these people.  even on a morning when I leave my lunch at home, forget my breakfast, drop my water in the parking lot, run late, and get yelled at first thing they can pull me out of a bad mood in no time!

in short happy retirement Carolyn and we miss you so very much and I love the rest of you all!

winter wonderland…

    Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight,
Walking in a winter wonderland.

DSCN8026 DSCN8025 DSCN8068 DSCN8044 DSCN8042 DSCN8034 DSCN8033

take me back to Christmas when i sing winter wonderland and it makes me happy and i feel like it is a happy song and i sing it with a smile on my face…then comes January and February and march.

DSCN8262 DSCN8270 DSCN8273 DSCN8274 DSCN8275 DSCN8297 DSCN8316

by january that winter wonderland spirit is gone and i am no longer wanting to walk in a winter wonderland.  i no longer want to build a snowman and call him anything.  i actually want to walk in a spring wonderland where it is in the low 70s with a slight breeze.  well my bubble has been completely shattered lately.  we have had so much snow this winter.!

DSCN8319 DSCN8320 DSCN8325 DSCN8326 DSCN8330 DSCN8332 DSCN8337 DSCN8340 DSCN8341

let me give the snow some credit.  it is beautiful on the mountain and it makes the air clean with the crisp coolness that it brings.  i love watching it fall and between hearing the flakes fall on the ground and the water in the creek beside our house it has been very pleasing to my ears.  i will go as far to say it has been relaxing.

DSCN8004 DSCN8005 DSCN8008 DSCN8009 DSCN8010 DSCN8012 DSCN8016 DSCN8019

then reality strikes and i panic.  how am i going to get to work?  if that huge hill is covered in ice and i can’t make it to work – will i get fired?  will they judge me?  what will this do to otis’ arthritis?  will we be ok?  should i have actually gone to the grocery store and stocked up?  will we be snowed in?  what do we do if the power goes out?  what if me and andy get on each other’s nerves?  how long will this last?  what am i missing?  i don’t mind the snow as long as 1. we don’t have to go out in it or 2. the roads are clear.

this year we have been able to experience several days of below zero weather.  it was kind of cool the first time we saw the temperature in the car…and then the excitement wore off when that cold air hit you in the face and then the lungs.

Otis was over the entire thing.  he didn’t love the snow and he didn’t love the below zero weather.  he would walk halfway down the driveway and stop picking up his paws.  he would glance at us and we (read that as andy) would have to pick him up and he would have rocks frozen to his feet.  it was pitiful.

we even had pipes burst because of the co weather.  I will be honest I started this post in January and today in march we had snow.  this past weekend we had a tease of beautiful weather and I can not wait until spring!