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Golden Birthday

10/15/18 Otis turned 15!  15!  I know right?!

We got Otis when he was 6 weeks old and he is now 15!

We celebrated his golden birthday (because he is 15 and the day of his birthday is the 15th) by going to work and letting him sleep at home.

That night he went for a ride and got a pup cup from Dairy Queen.  He got to wear a party hat (a real one and not a muzzle – vet calls them party hats).  He snuggled with me and we just loved on him even more.  He slept in the middle of the bed on a fuzzy blanket.  He also got a new food and water dish.  He seemed super excited about it.  We also built a fence around our backyard and I am calling that part of his gift too (even though it has been more of a gift to me and Andy).

He is showing his age.  His eye sight is going and his hearing is selective, but going too.  His little face is gray and he is a tad skinnier now than he was.  He has moments of being a puppy when he tries to chase a ball in his new fence, but sometimes he just can’t see or hear the ball.

Happy birthday to my sweet little puppy.  Ok my old man dog.  He drives me crazy sometimes, but he has been such a support through the difficult parts of life and comfort when I have been home alone.  I don’t know how many more years we get with him, but we will cherish each and every one.

an aging gee

Otis is getting old.  there is no sugar-coating it but Otis is getting old.  he sleeps more now and he has less bursts of energy.  he acts grumpy most of the time.  he comes to life when my parents get here and he pays the price when they leave.  he spent on of his days chasing the robot vacuum cleaner…

DSCN7979 DSCN7980

and the next day he was so sore he had to sleep on a pallet in the living room.  let me say I know that he is spoiled but he sat in front of me and he whimpered and whimpered until I couldn’t stand it anymore.  he wouldn’t let us pick him up and he wouldn’t jump so I made a soft bed for him to chill on.  we know he has arthritis and so we give him a fish oil and that seems to help.

DSCN7983 DSCN7984 DSCN7986 DSCN7988 DSCN7989

right now Otis is still feeling sick.  he has a swollen toe.  he is on antibiotics in hopes that it is just an infection.  he has 4 days left and we hope that it will help.  if not it means that we will have to talk about amputation if it is a tumor or anything like that.

we love Otis so much and it makes us both sad that he is getting older and slower but he is still so snuggly and our sweet gee.