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katie’s baby shower

better late than never right?  so Katie (and chris) announced last fall (2014) that they were expecting a baby.

so in march (2015) maggie, robin, and i hosted a baby shower.  it was ducky themed and turned out to be a fun and wonderful time.  she got a ton of wonderful gifts!

IMG_1838 IMG_1839 DSCN5280 DSCN5281 DSCN5282 DSCN5283 DSCN5284 DSCN5285 DSCN5286 DSCN5287

a lot of laughter and smiles

DSCN5289 DSCN5290 DSCN5291 DSCN5294 DSCN5297 DSCN5304 DSCN5305 DSCN5306 DSCN5307 DSCN5308 DSCN5317 DSCN5318 DSCN5325 DSCN5326 DSCN5327 DSCN5329 DSCN5362 DSCN5368 DSCN5369 DSCN5374 DSCN5377 DSCN5384 DSCN5386 DSCN5390 DSCN5407 DSCN5411

layla came to the end of the party and loved the attention.  look at that smile!


congrats katie and chris!