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so a while ago i wrote about unexpected friends and have really been thinking about those friends and about circumstances and have been really mulling that over in my mind the past few days/weeks.  sometimes you don’t have to meet someone face to face to be inspired by them and let me tell you why…

one of my new, unexpected friends (APF) has a blog and i have been reading about her life and the things she is doing now.  one of the things that she has been talking about is a line-a-day journal.  (i had to look it up because i had no idea what she was talking about – it is a journal that you can buy (or make your own) that has 25 lines on it and a place for the years.  each date of the years gets a page with five entry slots and over the years you write on the same page.  so you can look at the same day from 5 different years and compare).  she had marital problems and said that the journal was a place where she could see turning points in her marriage and in other relationships.  she was able to keep up with her milestones outside of the relationship (on a personal and professional level).  i e mailed her to find out more about this journal thing and she said it was really neat to go back and see where she has been and where she is going.  i thought i want to do that.  i had my reservations because what happens when i have boring days?  do i want to read a journal that says

” went to the grocery store and bought soup, cut my toe nails, tripped over the dog” or more like what it would say “got up, went to work, came home, watched a little tv and looked at the computer, read a little and went to bed”

i asked her about the boring days…she laughed at me and shared some of her boring days and it didn’t seem so boring to me (i guess i need to get a life).  i felt inspired by her dedication and how much she is learning and decided i wanted to do it.  i ordered a journal for me and one for andy.  i hope they get here soon so maybe andy can start his at summer camp and i can start mine while he is away.  i think it will be fun to read them together one day and see the different things that highlight our lives.  i was inspired to have less boring days and to do something each day that will make me want to get out and do something (like walk around the farm, sit on the porch and watch fireflies, read more, write more, visit more, explore more).  i am inspired and can’t wait to begin this process.

one of my old (not age) friends is traveling the world (or south america) with her boyfriend and another couple.  she has been on so many adventures the past 7 months and has been posting her pictures and experiences.  i have been so blessed to see where she has been though her eyes.  she has such a sweet soul and compassionate heart and i am so lucky to have her as a friend.  they decided they had so many wonderful experiences that they want to give back so they decided to use the rest of their visa to work on a farm and learn.  she is posting pictures of them gardening for the village, milking cows at sunrise, learning the trades of the people (making jewelry etc).  she is a constant inspiration to be a better person and to have faith and leap with reckless abandon.

thank you ladies for a dose of inspiration i needed today.