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my “tv” friends

i like my shows…so what!?!

i have said before that i love my shows and my “friends” from those shows.  just a quick update on what we are watching in this house.

of course we watch football.  the cooler it gets outside the more i want to watch because to me cool weather = football watching.  the only negative is andy isn’t doing so well with his fantasy football team.  (so sad i know).

i sneak away from football sunday night to watch revenge.  i still love that show.  i am a little concerned how it will be able to survive another season.  i fear that they are about to run out of things that they can write about (and not make it to hokey).  i think that the writing up until this point has been unbelievable.  it is creative and done in a unique way.  i think that the plots have all been strong and people die that you don’t expect.  i am excited to see how things play out since the first episode leaves us wondering if Emily lives or dies.

we watch castle and bones (most of the time).  i have gradually lost interest in these shows…i don’t know if it is because the plot changes or because of the writing (or maybe because i have gained a touch of a life and don’t need those friends as much).  i do still enjoy them when i catch them.

i am a diehard fan of ncis and ncis la.  i was devastated that ziva left but at least she isn’t dead…so there is still hope!  i enjoy the writing and the characters and plots.  for Christmas last year andy got me a “bert” from the show and he sits on the couch with me Tuesday nights when we watch ncis and ncis la!  can’t wait to see what happens with everyone the rest of the season.

if we are home we watch duck dynasty and modern family and the middle.  they are all light hearted and funny and make us laugh.

i am glad that my fall shows started back but was sad that rookie blue is off until next may.  we were left with a lot of unanswered situations and i am so anxious about what the writers have in store for us next season!

what shows are you obsessed with?  i know i am not the only one!