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winter wonderland…

    Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight,
Walking in a winter wonderland.

DSCN8026 DSCN8025 DSCN8068 DSCN8044 DSCN8042 DSCN8034 DSCN8033

take me back to Christmas when i sing winter wonderland and it makes me happy and i feel like it is a happy song and i sing it with a smile on my face…then comes January and February and march.

DSCN8262 DSCN8270 DSCN8273 DSCN8274 DSCN8275 DSCN8297 DSCN8316

by january that winter wonderland spirit is gone and i am no longer wanting to walk in a winter wonderland.  i no longer want to build a snowman and call him anything.  i actually want to walk in a spring wonderland where it is in the low 70s with a slight breeze.  well my bubble has been completely shattered lately.  we have had so much snow this winter.!

DSCN8319 DSCN8320 DSCN8325 DSCN8326 DSCN8330 DSCN8332 DSCN8337 DSCN8340 DSCN8341

let me give the snow some credit.  it is beautiful on the mountain and it makes the air clean with the crisp coolness that it brings.  i love watching it fall and between hearing the flakes fall on the ground and the water in the creek beside our house it has been very pleasing to my ears.  i will go as far to say it has been relaxing.

DSCN8004 DSCN8005 DSCN8008 DSCN8009 DSCN8010 DSCN8012 DSCN8016 DSCN8019

then reality strikes and i panic.  how am i going to get to work?  if that huge hill is covered in ice and i can’t make it to work – will i get fired?  will they judge me?  what will this do to otis’ arthritis?  will we be ok?  should i have actually gone to the grocery store and stocked up?  will we be snowed in?  what do we do if the power goes out?  what if me and andy get on each other’s nerves?  how long will this last?  what am i missing?  i don’t mind the snow as long as 1. we don’t have to go out in it or 2. the roads are clear.

this year we have been able to experience several days of below zero weather.  it was kind of cool the first time we saw the temperature in the car…and then the excitement wore off when that cold air hit you in the face and then the lungs.

Otis was over the entire thing.  he didn’t love the snow and he didn’t love the below zero weather.  he would walk halfway down the driveway and stop picking up his paws.  he would glance at us and we (read that as andy) would have to pick him up and he would have rocks frozen to his feet.  it was pitiful.

we even had pipes burst because of the co weather.  I will be honest I started this post in January and today in march we had snow.  this past weekend we had a tease of beautiful weather and I can not wait until spring!

gravel be gone

so while andy was gone on one of his trips i went to bed semi early and woke up the next morning and our gravel relocated to the grass.  apparently me and otis slept through a flash flood that took our driveway away.  i am so lucky that we have so many great people that live around us.  i called dad telling him our driveway said goodbye and went to another location and he said he would call our cousin william to come fix it!  before i could get off the phone with him our “neighbor” had his little tractor and offered to try to fix it and put the gravel back where it belonged (he had already fixed his daughter’s and his).

william and marsha said that it came through about 11 and was shocked that i was able to sleep through all the noise.  they said they were out in it and said it was easily 6 inches deep in a matter of seconds.  we were lucky that all it did was move some gravel around and that it didn’t get in the storage buildings and get our stuff wet.

misc 233 misc 236 misc 237 misc 239 misc 241 misc 243 misc 244 misc 246 misc 248

the pictures don’t capture how bad the driveway was and how washed out it was around the cars and how much yard trash it brought but i took some anyways!

rambling thoughts: clouds storms and long drives

a smell, sight, touch, or sound can take me down memory lane in a heart beat.  or hearing a phrase that makes me think of things from the past can take me back.  sometimes it is a time of year that sends me tumbling off the trail with former memories.  these certain things put me on a path of wild and random (sometimes incoherent) thinking and i play the what was and what is and what if and what’s to come game.  sometimes my brain feels like a little hamster running on the wheel you think and think but really it gets you no where except stuck in a loop scared to get off and wondering how long have i been at this….

this time of year i think a lot about leslie (i think about her all the time as it is but as we get closer to the heart of summer i find my self thinking more and more about her).  i remember the trips we took and the things we bought.  i remember the last encounters that we had and the conversations that we had and the profound effect that she had on my life and how much impact her family has made still in my life.  something about this time of year makes me miss her more.

i think more and more about old friends and about relationships i have had and the adventures that we have been on.  some thoughts and memories make me incredibly sad and others made me laugh out loud.  i think about all the summers spent playing with will and vicky outside until after dark and our “bat club.”  i think about all the summer camps that i spent with katie and the youth group and making sure that katie and i shared a room and coordinated our outfits and packing list and that when we weren’t at camp we still had to be together.  i think about summer crushes (one that turned into love and marriage).  i think about all of the things i thought i would have done and wished i did and actually did.  i think of the person that i hoped to be and the one that i actually am.    i think….

the other day andy was at a meeting so i decided i would go feed pancake alone since it would be too late when andy got home.  it had been raining (i think we got 3 inches in about an hour – water was rising and roads were flooded).  i loaded the dog up and off we went to feed pancake.  for once i wasn’t punching a clock.  so i drove.  i only know 3 or so ways to get to the farm and as i was driving i kept getting derailed.  i would go as far as i could and have to turn around because of flooding in the roads.  i went all the ways i could to get to pancake but i couldn’t get to him – so i just drove.  it made me think of a time (when i could fill my tank up with gas, take seven dollars into the gas station and walk away with change) when i would just drive around to clear my head.  i used to drive to process thoughts and clear my head a lot.  i blame my dad for that.  (sorry dad).  driving to the farm already made me think of dad and driving around made me think of the times that he would come ask if i wanted to go to dairy queen for a blizzard.  i would think: ice cream?  sure!  we would go and instead of going the direct route we would drive down towards albemarle – typically turning around at the same gas station.  some times we would go just to go…i don’t know the real reason we were driving just that ice cream was involved.  other times we would go because i did something wrong (that was never stated but i knew) – we would get past the point where i could jump out of the car and walk home and dad would talk.  or if he wanted to have my attention to mull something over he would say what he wanted to say and we would ride in quiet processing everything.  once we got to the gas station we would turn around and go get blizzards and everything was forgiven and forgotten and processed.  i thought ice cream healed all…but the older i get the more i think that it was the drive that healed.

when i realized i couldn’t get to pancake because all my options were gone i headed home.  as i was driving home i saw lightning and black skies and i was headed right for it.  i was driving into the storm.  i couldn’t help but think that life was completely like that having to “drive into the storm to go home”.  i couldn’t help but think of the times that i have known about a storm and could see it from the distance and driven straight into it.  confrontations with friends that i knew had the potential to turn out horribly but they had to happen.  conflict with different people at different jobs.  fights with andy or my parents or brother.  situations that the skies were so black and hopeless but i had no choice because i had to get through them to get home and to a resolution.  when we have no choice and we see the lightning and hear the thunder and know that things are going to get messy we have to drive on and we do…we go through the storms and end up at home – sometimes a little battered and bruised and sometimes our homes aren’t as stable or sturdy as they were…but our foundation is strong and we make it.

misc 013 misc 014misc 015

when i got home.  i had battled rising waters and thunder and a spectacular display of lightning and a spastic dog.  i dealt with my failure that pancake wasn’t getting treats from me before bed.  i struggled with wrapping up my disjointed racing thoughts about driving and storms, hopes and dreams and failures, memories and life in general.  physically i was exhausted from a long day and mentally from processing so many thoughts and memories in such a short time.  i pulled the shivering dog out of the car and unlocked the door.  before i stepped over the threshold i looked at the sky.  the blackness was breaking up and the clouds were moving on except for one…

misc 005

i laughed and thought how fitting that i drove straight into dark weather and made it home through the storm and waiting for me was a cloud with a silver lining…

(some of us are just going through figurative storms but remember those who are dealing with literal storms in moore, ok)

and the rains came

i woke up this morning and automatically wanted to go back to bed.  the room was cold and i was snuggled down with otis next to me with andy yelling at me to get up.  i drug myself out of bed to a cloudy, gloomy monday.  (i planned to get a few pictures of the sky around lunch since it was really cool looking, but my phone couldn’t capture it and i didn’t have my digital in my purse). 

i sat at my desk and glanced at the window watching the rain pour down.  there is something that moves me about rain.  with the crashing rain drops comes a rollercoaster of emotions.  a lot of times rain makes me sleepy and makes me wish i was wrapped up in a quilt.  sometimes rain makes me want to weep.  i imagine that God is up there weeping for some reason (usually at what is hidden deep in my soul) and so it makes me want to weep…knowing that God is crying for and with me.  it reminds me of events and milestones that have passed in my life with a gloomy, rainy day.  days when i have found out that people i love have passed away, times when childhood friendships were restored on front porches, fun dates with andy, getting caught walking with otis, mending broken hearts at montreat, seeing the beauty of God in his creation.  after the urge to weep comes the sense of peace and hope.  it reminds me of montreat and all the bittersweet memories that come with that territory.  it reminds me of a childhood spent playing in the woods, and in forts and creeks, it reminds me of waking my brother up to make a big bed out of our blankets and pillows in the hall and sleeping away from windows (in case of tornadoes – long story).  it reminds me of summers in TN playing in the rain and sleeping with the windows open with the patter of rain on the roof.  i remember running through the house in the spring to shut windows during freak storms so that it didn’t blow in.  i remember when times were simpler.

me and will playing in the rain

there are days that i sit at my desk and i want to run outside and dance in the rain like i did before.  i want to run back to those memories and be comforted by the soft, cold raindrops that fall from the heavens.  i want to escape the stresses of life today and trade them for the happy memories that come with rain, but i know that with the happy memories comes some sad ones as well.  i also know that each day it rains more memories (happy and sad) will be made and my rollercoaster will continue…

weekend things…

well this past weekend was great.  in an earlier post i mentioned that this weekend would be “clean and get the house more ready to go on the market” well we did clean but we didn’t do more than just a normal cleaning.  BUT we did make a list of things that we need to do (we went room by room and made a master list).  i plan on starting the list as soon as we get back from our weekend visit to little rock.  we leave in 3 days and i am a little nervous but still really excited. 

i have been having really weird dreams.  i think because we have been talking about moving and packing i have been dreaming about moving and packing.  yesterday afternoon i took a nap after church and dreamt about living in the mountains and when i woke up it took forever for my ears to pop.  it was the strangest thing. 

i am loving this weather and this time of year.  it is cooler and the leaves changing are just beautiful.  we really enjoyed our weekend with the patio door open (otis loved sitting by the open door eating his treat – i hope to upload the short video soon) and a perfect date night on saturday night.  we went to a movie (tower heist) it was great.  we laughed a lot.  and dinner at firebirds.  that is one of the restaurants that we know little rock doesnt have so we used it as a date night before we depart.  it was so yummy but i had so much left over that i will eat it for lunch today and tomorrow. 

work will be a pain today i am sure because friday was veterans day (happy belated) and since the mail didn’t run i know i will be slammed in a matter of minutes.  so hopefully it will keep my mind off my growing to-do list before we head to the airport thursday.  speaking of airports and planes i would like to say i am very nervous.  our youth sunday school teacher was on a plane that lost an engine last week and it is the same airline we are flying with so tons of prayers for a safe flight and tons of praise for pilots who knew what they were doing and got chad and the rest of the passengers on the ground safely. 

This is what fall is all about