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funny animals…

so a while ago we went to the farm to feed and took the camera and got some great pictures!

oh no I lost my ear!

oh no I lost my ear!

just kidding here it is!

just kidding here it is!

he is so funny and likes having his picture taken (as long as he gets treats in the process).

8-8-13 1282

I also found some pictures of when Bryson, kelli, and betsy came to see the baby horse (from back in june).

8-8-13 007 8-8-13 018 8-8-13 023 8-8-13 025 8-8-13 035 8-8-13 064

this past weekend we went to Bristol to see friends and andy went to the race (with dad).  I am so tired (even after a nap) and am not ready to go back to work tomorrow….but next week is a short week and we have some wonderful plans (i think) for labor day so I am excited about that).

weekend highlight: pow, wow, and holy cow

something we have done with different youth groups (usually in sunday school or back home group meetings at camp) is to list your pow (worst thing about the day/week), wow (best part of day/week), and holy cow (time that you felt closet to God…like holy cow that was amazing).  since this weekend was a long one with a lot of things going on i think that this is the best way to do this past weekend update.


wow: got to see 7 youth graduate from GHS (2 of them spoke at it) and the graduates got to throw their caps and spray each other with silly string!

pow: wanted to get to bed early so we could be on the road early – but still got in bed really late.

holy cow: the moon was amazing as we were leaving.  we saw it coming over the mountain and it was a simply beautiful reminder to me that God is good. 

grad 179 grad 180 grad 181 grad 182 grad 183 grad 184 grad 185 grad 186


wow: we got to go back to charlotte and left on time (for us).

pow: it was a long drive because otis didn’t want to ride in the back and because he wouldn’t lay down on my lap.

holy cow: being surrounded by family and friends. 


wow: got to hang out with everyone at the track and had a great breakfast. 

pow: didn’t win the race pool and made cj (our niece cry) – she was tired and ready to leave and i messed with her anyways.  😦

holy cow: two of the youth from monroe came to eat with us and see us and it was a great reminder of the time we spent with them and the faith journey we all went on together.  


wow: hung out with sandy and ginger, otis slept in the back of the car the entire way home, stopped at montreat and black mountain (got a new pair of sun glasses), no work which means a short work week! 

pow: traffic was bad and a ton of police were out and i was nervous (but thankfully we didn’t get pulled over or that would have been worse) and i helped andy make his to do list for the week and his pack list for his first summer trip and it made me sad (even though i love lists).  also on this trip there was little time to get together with other people. 

holy cow: going through the gates at montreat.

the rest of this week is going to be crazy.  there is so much to do with andy’s summer ramping up.  we had the pool party (end of year) with the youth and the rest of his nights are full of meetings.  we had a great weekend in charlotte and safe travels and great conversation and visits so even though my post isn’t full of fluff it was still wonderful. 

recap of the past weekend…

we had an over all good visit to charlotte this past weekend.  we were able to spend time with andy’s family friday night for dinner and just hanging out.  it was great to be able to visit and hang out with them.  it was good to see katie graduate and share in that day with her.  it was wonderful to spend time with my family and friends at the race track.  it was fun to continue the tradition of going to the race….it was one of those weekends where i wish we would have had more time to see more people…but i feel like those weekends are more often than not.

after the all-star race we had to race home (haha see what i did there?)!  andy had to be at church sunday morning.  so before the race i took a nap and after the race we waited around a little for traffic to calm down and started our trip home.  andy and otis slept and i was left with my own thoughts and the sounds of early morning radio.  my drive home was ok.  it rained most of the way and was foggy for the majority of it.  (there were only a few times that i couldn’t really see because of pouring rain and fog so that was nice).  we stopped once so i could get out and otis and andy got out and walked around too since stopping the car woke them both up.  on this drive i think i saw more deer then i have seen in several years.  i saw several packs (is a group of deer called a pack?) and they all made me very nervous.  i could tell that one group just crossed the road and was ok but two different times they were running parallel to the road and i just knew they would run out in front of me – but thankfully they didn’t.  i saw several fresh dead deer in the road.  apparently it wasn’t a good night for wildlife.

as i turned out the road we live on i the sun was coming up.  it was beautiful despite the rain and the clouds.  the sky just glowed.  it is moments like that, when i witness that beauty, that makes the journey worth while.

*this is the part where i admit that i went inside jumped in bed and didn’t give it a second thought that i was going to finally get some sleep and andy had to go to church.  this is also when i could confess that i might or might not have slept until 1.

graduation: 5/16/13

we were very excited about this past weekend.  we were glad to be able to come home to charlotte for the race but also because we got to go to katie’s graduation.  we got to see her walk across the stage (the pictures didn’t turn out) and we got to see an old friend, ron graduate.  we sat behind the grads so most of the pictures i have are of the back of her head (and her messing with her hair and cap) but i was able to get some of her face when she was looking for us and after graduation when she was waiting to walk out. 

charlotte weekend 009 charlotte weekend 038 charlotte weekend 045 charlotte weekend 047 charlotte weekend 143


flap jack aka pancake

do you know how small a 6-9 month old baby donkey is?  not very!  my mistake.  dad said that he was going to get a donkey for the farm and i was so excited that i decided that we needed to “tame” it and it would be like a second larger pet that we would see when we went to the farm.  i knew that it would grow up to be big (not like a miniature breed) and i was ok with that.  i knew that if we got him when he was young we could work with him to be a nice donkey.  i thought that i would be taller than the baby donkey.  i was wrong.  this past weekend we went to mark’s farm in bristol to pick up pancake and bring him home.

**side note…mark’s farm is really like a zoo.  he has cows and donkeys and goats (even an earless one) and pigs and chickens.  we had fun looking at all of his animals and telling mark’s dad that we did not want any other animals**

random 040 random 042 random 043 random 044 random 051

we got there and i was staring up into the huge round eyes of our newest pet and thought to myself – he is going to stomp me to death the first chance he gets.  but he is my dad’s pancake and i love him.  loading him proved to be a traumatic experience for him (and me) but he was loaded up and went to the farm.  i held his lead for a few minutes and he almost tried to pull me down once but i knew it was coming and he tried to take down maime stomp attack hug dad twice.  we have been working with him to get him comfortable with being touched and with coming to us.  when andy and i went on sunday night to put him to bed and give him one last treat before bed time he came to us (was hesitant) and took a treat from andy (the little snot took mine from me, made eye contact, and spit it to the ground).  yesterday when we went he was waiting at the door and didn’t hesitate at all taking the treats from andy and eating from the bucket and from being petted (now i know he still has a ways to go – but we are making progress).  dad is delusional and believes that we will be able to put a lead on pancake and lead him through the church for the Christmas play…andy has jumped on that delusional wagon and we will see what happens in the upcoming months.

random 061 random 067

what is with the name you might ask?  dad has a jack on the farm and he is called black jack (because of his color – not a gambling habit) or just jack.  he is so sun faded that he is no long black – he is more brown now.  when we found out we were getting a jack i wanted to name it and dad asked what was wrong with lil jack.  my answer…he will get big.  (after seeing him now i know that he is already big and not lil).  i was thinking of things that have jack in them (that would be ok to scream across the farm) and suggested flap jack.  i was so excited and said he would be pancake.  it stuck.  so when he is in trouble he is flap jack and when he is sweet he is our pancake!

random 068 random 076 random 078 random 081 random 083 random 086

pancake is limited to a stall for now until we get him ready to have some more freedom and so across the stall from him is a horse that has wanted nothing to do with me from the moment we moved over (and before) – that is until he saw that we had treats for pancake.  now he sticks his head over the stall and talks to us while we are there making his case on why he needs a treat too.  we don’t know the horses name so andy and i are calling him luigi.  (it is the best sounding italian name we could come up with when we were both really tired).  why italian?  the farm is named after a place in italy so we have decided (after we named pancake) that everything needs to have italian names.  there is a little calf that hangs out in the breeze way of the barn (it got hurt when the cattle were worked so it needs some extra love and attention).  he doesn’t have a name but stromboli comes to my mind and tortellini came to andy’s mind.

random 059 random 063 random 065

we hope that pancake will be happy with his new home and that he will adjust quickly.  i am so excited to have him even if he is larger than i had expected him to be at that age.

calm like a duck in a pond

i love movies.  i don’t know why but one of my favorite movies is “the replacements” when andy was still in school and i would put a movie in to clean to on saturday mornings (having no cable leaves a lot to be desired for saturday morning tv), i would find myself putting this one in week after week.  there are some great moments and speeches throughout the movie.  (i love the one about fear and quick sand and the closing lines are great) but one that sticks out to me this morning is when the coach is talking to the replacement quarterback before the big game they talk about being calm and the coach makes reference to being as calm as a duck in a pond.  the quarterback looks puzzled and the coach explains.  on the top of the water the duck looks like it has everything under control and doesn’t have a care in the world just gliding over the pond but underneath the water his little legs are going at a frantic speed…

i love the imagery that this story creates in my mind especially on days like today…

we stayed up late last night checking and re checking our pack list and what we actually packed.  i went from head to toe trying to recall everything that i would possibly need in the days that we are gone.  we were selective in what we packed to wear, selective in what we packed in the carry on bag and almost shed a few tears because i can’t take my pillow and blanket (which deserves it own post later on).  we also were trying to get things ready for my parents to come over (which means just picking up and getting clean towels out and getting the plan for clean sheets and most importantly getting things ready for them to take otis to tn this weekend).  we got to bed and the moment that i woke up i was wondering what i am forgetting?  we are so excited about having someone drive us around on our visit (so we don’t get lost, but also so that we will have time in the car to look around at where we are going and see more of the city), but it is hard when you are at the mercy of other people.  it isn’t like if we are in the hotel tonight i can say drat i forgot (name something) and jump in a rental and go to walmart.  we are at the full mercy of our wonderful hosts.  i am nervous because i like to be in control and this is a new experience where i don’t have full control of things and because i will be alone with church members while andy is in meetings and doing some other things.  i like to think i am nice (most of the time anyways) and able to make conversation etc but sometimes it takes me a little bit to warm up to people i don’t know.  while i sit here and write this i am sure i look calm (and maybe like i am actually working – if im lucky) but my mind is going a million miles a minute while i panic about forgetting something, what these meetings will bring, if we can find a house while we are gone, what it will do to relationships that we have here, if people there will be ok with my sarcastic attitude, what their weather is like, will we be ok on the plane, will we have time to eat dinner in memphis when we switch planes, will we have a comfortable bed with a suitable pillow and blanket, will otis drive my parents ok, should i have gotten his pills refilled, and most of all at the end of the day will this still feel like God’s will for us?

all of those questions being on a million other questions about timing and what will happen when we put our house on the market and so many things i feel like my head is going to explode…but it still feels right, it still feels like where we need to be.

i will glide around this weekend hoping to cover any quiver in my voice, or hands quieting my brain so i can enjoy their company and hoping to appear as calm like  a duck in a pond.

weekend things…

well this past weekend was great.  in an earlier post i mentioned that this weekend would be “clean and get the house more ready to go on the market” well we did clean but we didn’t do more than just a normal cleaning.  BUT we did make a list of things that we need to do (we went room by room and made a master list).  i plan on starting the list as soon as we get back from our weekend visit to little rock.  we leave in 3 days and i am a little nervous but still really excited. 

i have been having really weird dreams.  i think because we have been talking about moving and packing i have been dreaming about moving and packing.  yesterday afternoon i took a nap after church and dreamt about living in the mountains and when i woke up it took forever for my ears to pop.  it was the strangest thing. 

i am loving this weather and this time of year.  it is cooler and the leaves changing are just beautiful.  we really enjoyed our weekend with the patio door open (otis loved sitting by the open door eating his treat – i hope to upload the short video soon) and a perfect date night on saturday night.  we went to a movie (tower heist) it was great.  we laughed a lot.  and dinner at firebirds.  that is one of the restaurants that we know little rock doesnt have so we used it as a date night before we depart.  it was so yummy but i had so much left over that i will eat it for lunch today and tomorrow. 

work will be a pain today i am sure because friday was veterans day (happy belated) and since the mail didn’t run i know i will be slammed in a matter of minutes.  so hopefully it will keep my mind off my growing to-do list before we head to the airport thursday.  speaking of airports and planes i would like to say i am very nervous.  our youth sunday school teacher was on a plane that lost an engine last week and it is the same airline we are flying with so tons of prayers for a safe flight and tons of praise for pilots who knew what they were doing and got chad and the rest of the passengers on the ground safely. 

This is what fall is all about

weekend plans…

i know that the following confession will shock those of you who know me…i am a list person.  i have always been a list person.  i makes lists (and sometimes put things on that list that i have already done so that i can cross them off).  this weekend we are going to do a walk through of the house and make a list of things/projects that we need to do before we put the house on the market.  we will find out next week if we need to put the house on the market so that we can get things started with the move to little rock.  (i will post more about that soon). 

we are going to make our list and start fixing things and getting things super organized so the process is smooth.  you know what i am dreading?  washing base boards.  i don’t know why i can’t stand doing that, but i can’t. 

other weekend plans…i hope to get a date night out of it too.  wish me luck.