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girls asheville trip 2014

i have been blessed to work where i do.  it isn’t always fun and games and it isn’t always easy and stress free, but i love it.  we laugh a lot.  we have fun.  even in the stressful events and days we find a way to support each other and get through it together.  again this past year i was invited to girls day in asheville – a day of shopping and wonderful food (much appreciation to Nat for the Christmas meal) and friendship and gingerbread houses at the grove park inn.

the winner of the gingerbread house was this chess set.  it was amazing with the details…but it wasn’t a house…

DSCN3208 DSCN3209 DSCN3210

beautiful view before dinner


not everyone could be there this year and we had two that had to leave early but part of my wonderful work family.


next year we might rent a u haul to get all of the stuff back – but i think we did great cramming it all in the car.

amazing co workers

i have been at my new position for over a year now.  what started as a temp position has turned out to be a true blessing.  it was just the other day when we had a crazy and not so great day that I got in the car when andy picked me up and I looked at him and laughed.  he wondered what was funny and I couldn’t help but point out that even a bad day here is still better than a good day where I worked in charlotte.

I love my coworkers.  they are amazing people.  at work and not at work.  we laugh and we work and we have fun doing it.  this past January we were really sad.  Carolyn retired.  she had been such a great friend when I first got there that I didn’t know what I was going to do without her.  I am glad that she still comes by and visits with us!  I was fortunate that andy and I could go to her retirement party and celebrate with her!

DSCN8072 DSCN8073 DSCN8076 DSCN8080 DSCN8085 DSCN8086 DSCN8089

there is something amazing about these people.  even on a morning when I leave my lunch at home, forget my breakfast, drop my water in the parking lot, run late, and get yelled at first thing they can pull me out of a bad mood in no time!

in short happy retirement Carolyn and we miss you so very much and I love the rest of you all!