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winter wonderland…

    Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight,
Walking in a winter wonderland.

DSCN8026 DSCN8025 DSCN8068 DSCN8044 DSCN8042 DSCN8034 DSCN8033

take me back to Christmas when i sing winter wonderland and it makes me happy and i feel like it is a happy song and i sing it with a smile on my face…then comes January and February and march.

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by january that winter wonderland spirit is gone and i am no longer wanting to walk in a winter wonderland.  i no longer want to build a snowman and call him anything.  i actually want to walk in a spring wonderland where it is in the low 70s with a slight breeze.  well my bubble has been completely shattered lately.  we have had so much snow this winter.!

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let me give the snow some credit.  it is beautiful on the mountain and it makes the air clean with the crisp coolness that it brings.  i love watching it fall and between hearing the flakes fall on the ground and the water in the creek beside our house it has been very pleasing to my ears.  i will go as far to say it has been relaxing.

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then reality strikes and i panic.  how am i going to get to work?  if that huge hill is covered in ice and i can’t make it to work – will i get fired?  will they judge me?  what will this do to otis’ arthritis?  will we be ok?  should i have actually gone to the grocery store and stocked up?  will we be snowed in?  what do we do if the power goes out?  what if me and andy get on each other’s nerves?  how long will this last?  what am i missing?  i don’t mind the snow as long as 1. we don’t have to go out in it or 2. the roads are clear.

this year we have been able to experience several days of below zero weather.  it was kind of cool the first time we saw the temperature in the car…and then the excitement wore off when that cold air hit you in the face and then the lungs.

Otis was over the entire thing.  he didn’t love the snow and he didn’t love the below zero weather.  he would walk halfway down the driveway and stop picking up his paws.  he would glance at us and we (read that as andy) would have to pick him up and he would have rocks frozen to his feet.  it was pitiful.

we even had pipes burst because of the co weather.  I will be honest I started this post in January and today in march we had snow.  this past weekend we had a tease of beautiful weather and I can not wait until spring!